Sip and Spill with Elle… Dj Liquid

Director of Events, Amanda (aka Elle) sat down with DJ Liquid and got the dish on his upcoming year with LLV.

Elle: How long have you been a DJ?

Liquid: Been a DJ for over 23 years now, actually started doing 50’s and 60’s dances lol

Elle: What made you decide of DJ Liquid for your stage name?

Liquid: That name was given to me by my friend Sarge when I was Dj’ing at Caliente in Dominican years ago, just went by DJ George before that but he wanted something cooler to promote other then DJ George lol

Elle: Are you in the lifestyle yourself, or is this just business?

Liquid: Yes both my wife (Vicky) and I are both in the lifestyle

Elle: Has there been a downfall in your fans or negativity brought on by working with lifestyle?

Liquid: I wouldn’t say negativity I would say more of a curiosity. Most people nowadays are pretty open minded so it hasn’t really affected my DJ career

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Elle: Whats your favourite part of being a DJ?

George: Watching people respond to the music I play, watching people dance and enjoying themselves and knowing I was a big part of it

Elle: How did you hear about LLV and get involved?

Liquid: I had the pleasure of meeting Pepe and Claudia with an introduction from Brandy and Hunter when I was DJ’ing at hedonism this past January, when they heard me spinning they recruited me for the LLV team!

Elle: What’s your favourite theme night?

Liquid: Definitely Glow theme, you can be so sexy and creative with that theme it’s a can’t miss!

Elle: Whats your preferred style of music to play and listen to?

Liquid: I listen to every kind of music just depends on my mood that day and as far as spinning I love my Latin, Reggaton, Old school and house!

Elle: Do you prefer the LS energy over a normal club?

Liquid: Absolutely, LS is judge free environment that allows you to be as sexy as you want to be and that’s such an amazing energy to be surrounded by, it’s actually addictive

Elle: What would you suggest for a talent wanting to work in the LS industry?

Liquid: I would say that this lifestyle has people from all ages and all backgrounds so be open to all types of music, at the end of the day word of mouth travels fast and if you can’t keep your crowd happy word will spread.

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