Sip and Spill with Elle.. Nyla the High Pimptress

Elle: How did you come up with your stage name?

Nyla: Nyla was my stage name…but “Nyla The Pimpstress” was given to me by the owner of one of the first show clubs in Las Vegas I was performing in when I refused to participate in selling the clubs T-shirts and giving away table dances on a 2-for-1 special because he was trying to make me “pimp” his merchandise and discount MY services…I told him I would not be “pimped” and he told me he respected my business savvy and jokingly started calling me the “Pimpstress” and it just stuck. I later added “High” to “The High Pimpstress” as a play on the term “the high priestess.

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Elle: What is your specialty, and how long have you been training?

Nyla: I have been training as a dancer since I was 3 years old and I began performing professionally at age 14 in Las Vegas. Performing professionally has been my career for over 20 years in all kinds of shows all over the world and with many dance disciplines. I started performing in Las Vegas as a showgirl in Bally’s Jubilee my senior year of high school then went on to do other Vegas shows like American Superstars and Wizard’s Secret at the MGM Grand before teaming up wth Cirque du Soleil for industrial shows abroad. I worked on popular cruise lines as a dancer and magician’s assistant before exploring the world of exotic dance. Being that I am not a one-trick-pony, I have honed my ability to masterfully perform a variety of visual arts. In addition to neo-exotic burlesque performances, I specialize in the art of strip-tease, fire performance, aerial dance arts (chains, pole dance, hammock, lyra), illusions & magic, tap dance, latin dance, samba, several styles of cultural dance such as afro-carribean dance and was the 2006 Bellydancer of the Universe Competition People’s Choice Winner under a different pseudonym.

Elle: What drew you to our community as a performer, and whats the difference in crowds?

Nyla: I began performing at lifestyle parties as a bellydancer in 2001 when a client who was in the lifestyle asked me to entertain her dinner guests for a lavish mansion party. She hired me twice a year to entertain at her parties and I didn’t know she was hosting a “swinger’s party” until after I had been performing for her events for 4 years. She never told me what they were there for. I was just there to “set the mood” for the evening. She also didn’t know that I had a different character that did exotic strip-tease (Nyla The High Pimpstress) so when I discovered that they were “lifestylers” I mentioned that I could do shows that had bit more sexual edge to them and she was thrilled. From there my name was passed on to other people doing lifestyle parties, couple’s only resorts and kink shows and that became a focal point of my career as I was getting tired of performing in night clubs and gentlemen’s clubs. Since I have two different demographics to entertain, one being family-friendly and cultural-friendly and the other being exotic, sexy and NOT family-frieindly, I perform as 2 separate characters, keeping them separate from each other with websites and marketing materials as to not upset the soccer-moms hiring me for their daughter’s quinceanera or Fortune 500 companies hiring me for corporate performance work with my exotic, naughty shows or make raunchy lifestyle party-goers feel like they will be bored with shows done by the “good girl.” So I totally understand the need for discretion in the lifestyle and how to give each crowd what they are looking for. Obvioiusly, the lifestyle crowd is MUCH more fun and MUCH less judgmental. I have so much more creative freedom when I am organizing my shows for lifestyle crowds appreciate the energy the lifestyle crowd brings to my shows.

*We do not own the rights to this photo*

Elle: Are you part of the lifestyle yourself?

Nyla: I am a serial monogamist. I’d say “monogam-ish” for sure but not AT ALL vanilla. I believe I have platinum pussy and very few people deserve it. LOL! I consider myself very “lifestyle-friendly” and feel more at home among people in the lifestyle. I have absolutely zero judgement about how other people get down and I LOVE looking at naked women with nice asses. People ask if I prefer dancing for men or women….honestly, I really like the sensuality that 2 women together creates but I don’t have any interest in fucking a woman…or another woman’s husband. I do work with a few clients as a Pro-Domme whose fetishes are strip-tease and watching exotic, sensual movement/pole dance so I guess that makes me part of the all-encompassing term “lifestyle.” One of them is a Catholic priest! Shhhhhhh…..

Elle: Whats your favourite part of being a performer?

Nyla: Seeing people smile. Making them laugh. Taking them on a sensual adventure away from reality for a while. Turning them on. Second to that would be designing and making my costumes and just the creative process of developing my shows. Wearing tons of bling, sparkles and feathers has always been a fetish for me.

Elle: As a teacher, whats your preferred class and why?

Nyla: I love teaching technique. In anything. Any dance style. Proper technique is crucial to looking elegant, hypnotic and graceful when you move. People seem to think that simply regurgitating moves they’ve seen in a music video is enough to make them look good while dancing. Without understanding the bio-mechanics of dance and the body, I find that most people just shake or convulse randomly because they lack the body awareness and muscle control to really “own” their movements. Lack of technique can also lead to injury. My formal education is in dance/sports rehabilitation and kinesiology so I am a bit OCD when it comes to dance technique. If I had to pick ONE dance style as a favorite….I’d chose Twerk. It’s fascinating how many muscles make up the hips and glutes and what they can actually do when one has TOTAL control over them.

*We do not own the rights to this photo*

Elle: Where can clients find you outside of our vacations, performing or teaching?

Nyla: I have a dance studio ( where I teach many forms of dance and fitness as well as a theater that features my family-friendly illusion show in Scottsdale, Arizona. That makes up 95% of my life. Performing and teaching isn’t my hobby….it is my profession. I also have a large kink/BDSM following that I perform and teach for and a client base of women that I work with one-on-one to overcome narcissistic abuse and trauma recovery using dance movement therapy for healing. Apart from that, you can find me in fabric stores and vintage thrift shops looking for old hats and dresses to fix up and make into costumes that sparkle. I sell many of my items on my Etsy store: ExoticCouturebyNyla. I make exotic body jewelry called Ass Sass™, burlesque feather fans called Flutterby Fans® and just starting a line of fancy hats for ladies and burlesque performers.

Elle: Have you ever had any negative outcome from working among the lifestyle?

Nyla: Personally, I have not. I have had a few people I had to set straight with a stern “GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE!” but I think they liked it. 😉

Elle: What is the first trip and fondest memory of LLV?

Nyla: My first trip with LLV was in 2012 (I think) and it was Mariposa (Taylor Sparks) who brought me into LLV from our lifestyle vacations together. My fondest memory is one of the couples that hired me for a private strip-tease and lap dance show in their room. The wife bought me an exquisite piece of jewelry to thank me for giving her and her husband the most sensual and erotic fantasy experience of their lives and that showing her how to seduce her husband brought back the passion they both thought had faded away for good. She still does strip-tease shows for him and says they have had the best sex of their lives because of what they learned from me. I feel happy that I could help them re-ignite the fire they once had.

Photo by: DC Photo | Event: LLV PV 201

Elle: What advice would you give to a talent wanting to perform for us?

Nyla: You better be good…..and it’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it! Holding the attention of a room full of self-proclaimed “sexual deviants” is going to require some massive talent, incredible stage presence and a spectacular charisma. A $12 bra with acrylic gems glued to it and a few dance classes is NOT going to cut it.

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