Sip and Spill with Elle… DJ Illest Rich

Director of Events Amanda Leigh aka Elle Elle Vee sat down with newest headliner, lifestyle legend and official AVN DJ, Rich Moreno. DJ Illest Rich.

Elle: How long have you been a DJ?

Rich: 13years

Elle: What made you decide of Illest Rich for your stage name?

Rich: Well to make a long story long lol, I was not always dj iLLEST RICH. I used to go by Dj Orgasm lol lol I know I know wth, right? (Orgasm) so in 2014 or 2015 I was in a red bull dj competition I made it all the way to the top 3 finals, but unfortunately they cut me because of my name😞 they told me that they loved my energy and my style of dj’ing but my name was not marketable. I was disappointed but at the same time I was reborn. It made me open my eyes on how I can be more marketable, so I put a lot of thought into it. I knew I wanted to have my actual name in it. So my sexy wife and I were driving one day and she looked at me and said “illest” that’s what you should go by “ILLEST RICH” and the rest is well you know ILLEST history.. lol lol

Elle: How has being the official AVN DJ changed your career?

Rich: It’s actually opened other opportunities outside of the adult industry, simply from word of mouth. One of the producers of AVN was actually the one responsible for giving me the opportunity to also work at Paramount studio to do music for another shows.

Elle: Has there been a downfall in your fans or negativity brought on by the porn awards?

Rich: Not at all, because I’ve been dj’ing many years before the adult industry. My fans have always supported my sound and my positive energy, regardless of where and who I dj for.

Elle: Whats your favourite part of being a DJ?

Rich: I have to say my favorite part of being a dj, is seeing all different walks of life come together under one roof-and dance the night away to my sets. It’s the best feeling!

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Elle: How did you hear about LLV?

Rich: By my great and talent Dj friend Adam frek..

Elle: Whats your fondest memory from an LLV event?

Rich: Well I have only been to one (PV 2018) and let’s just say I didn’t want it to end! Now I can’t wait to make so many more memories in Miami and Cabo and other ventures with LLV.

Elle: Whats the biggest difference in crowds from AVNS to LLV?

Rich: Lol.. well I have to say the difference in the two would be that one gets paid to have sex as the other just love to have sex lol lol.. jk to be honest there really is no difference both crowds love to have a good time.

Elle: Do you prefer the LS energy over a normal club?

Rich: YES! Most definitely LS crowds are just more fun and way more respectful.

Elle: What would you suggest for a talent wanting to work for LLV?

Rich: My suggestion for anyone that would want to work with the best in the LS business,(LLV) I would tell them to be very out going, not to be shy, be very comfortable with them self and put in hard work.

Listen to Illest Rich

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