Female masturbation, embarrassment in the past, benefits today

The Freudian theory that the person who masturbates has a strong tendency to neurosis, fortunately, has been surpassed for some time, but still many women feel guilt or shame by sexual self-stimulation to the point of renouncing it, deny it, or mute it.

What has motivated such rejection? Why so much condemn? What is the female silence on this issue? Such answers are found in the history of human sexuality, in which women, as in the rest of the circumstances in life, not have gone on a bed of roses, as well as masturbation was not always well seen by science, nor by society. Female masturbation was confined to the forbidden and sinful

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For centuries, masturbation was limited to what is prohibited, as immoral. It was condemned by the Church as an act ‘against nature’ as did not lead to procreation and attributed more than 200 diseases and conditions. In fact, Catholic theologian St. Thomas Aquinas believed that masturbation was a worse sin than rape, incest, and adultery because in these other sins procreation is a possibility.

According to their beliefs, masturbate caused idiocy, blindness, acne, loss of hair, mental and muscle weakness, headaches, intestinal disorders and in extreme cases could lead to death.

Female masturbation in the 18th and 19th centuries, medical manuals and books, qualified pleasure in solitary as a lousy offender, a nocturnal habit, and a morbid Act. Puritans in the 17th century New England viewed masturbation of any kind as akin to blasphemy and perpetrators of either were sometimes sentenced to death. Leading into the Victorian Era, horror tales were regularly told about the dangers of such self-amusement. One moral lecturer was Sylvester Graham, more famously known as the purveyor of the eponymous cracker. His 1834 “Lecture to Young Men” warned young men about masturbation while promoting a bland diet to stifle any excitement…down there. Devices were invented, and youngsters caught “red-handed” were condemned to sleep with straitjackets. At the same time, young women of that era Image result for women masturbation during the 17 centurywere often discouraged from riding horses and bicycles, lest they encounter a bit too much stimulation.

For women, solutions became much crueler as the surgery to remove the clitoris (ablation) that according to doctors of the time served to relieve epilepsy and other nervous affections as the hysteria in women. This aberration is applied even in several African and Asian countries that still think sex on the woman only as a reproductive and not pleasurable Act.

Time and studies cost Sexology to rid of myths and legends worm, but fortunately is already talk topic with greater frankness but there is still a long way to go.

A good beginning could be talking about, and assimilate the advantages of the autoeroticism setting forth today psychologists and sexologists in the female population. But this is a work of sex education and conviction that takes time. Knowing yourselves is a significant advantage to enjoy sex as a couple.

The advantages of female masturbation

During adolescence, it is an essential part of the psychosexual development, helping people to identify the patterns of their sexual response. Research shows most women female-ejaculation-1over the age of 18 have masturbated at least once, but few women do so routinely. According to Indiana University’s National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior, only 7.9 percent of women between the ages of 25 and 29 masturbate two to three times a week whereas 23.4 percent of men do.

We need to understand that masturbation is a regular, enjoyable and healthy experience. It’s time to put the taboo subject of women and masturbation to bed and realize that masturbation might be precisely what you need.

  • It allows the learning of sexual activity in a laid-back atmosphere, on which to keep an eye on the couple and not worry to keep a good identification and activation nor sexual response there.
  • Can serve to ease tensions, especially when no other alternative is available.
  • It is an exercise that can be practiced throughout life. Besides that, it is a beneficialorgasm24 way to strengthen the pelvic muscles and many studies show that it provides a way longer sex life.
  • Tons of research-proven health benefits. That’s because it releases feel-good endorphins, which do everything from ease stress to relieve menstrual cramps.
    It beats counting sheep. Leading up to orgasm, the “happy” hormone dopamine is released, followed quickly by a post-climactic shot of oxytocin, which is basically, an organic, naturally-occurring sleeping pill.
  • Masturbating can ease body aches and menstrual pain. If you have a uterine contraction while self-stimulating and a uterine contraction can help menstrual blood come out faster… theoretically it’s going to help with cramps. It’s more fun than a heating pad.
  • Multiple Orgasms. Understanding how your body works helps you know exactly how to pleasure it. Once, twice, three times — it’s up to you! The climax is often times only at the end of sex for men, but women can keep going. Why stop at one?
  • Masturbation helps your body stay sexual… even when you’re not having sex. If you’re between partners, there’s a very strong benefit to keeping things going by self-stimulating — not only in terms of keeping the tissues elastic and healthy and increasing blood flow but just getting your brain going. We know that sex and arousal starts in the brain… The more sex you have, the more sex you want because you think about sex more. If you have someone who hasn’t been sexual for a very long period of time, in most cases, they’re not even thinking about it.

As you can see the advantages of female masturbation are proved!.

As George Carlin said, “If God had intended us not to masturbate, He would have made our arms shorter.”

Don’t you think?…..

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