Guide to learn how to squirt

I believe that by now, almost everybody knows that female ejaculation does exist…we have much solid proof. But does squirt is real? Can every female squirt? The correct answer is simple…Maybe.

That’s what we’re looking at in this blog today: how to squirt, and how to make female ejaculation happen in someone else.
And many of you may ask, why is such interest in female ejaculation and squirt? Well, In a recent survey, 72% of women who said they don’t squirt regularly or have never squirted expressed an interest in trying it. The truth is that squirt is very real, and many females want to experience it first hand.

So let’s start this guide!

First and most important…You must understand what squirting is.

Many women believe that when they ejaculate, that they are releasing urine. This is possible, but it’s rare. Instead, you will be ejaculating fluid from the Skene’s gland. The g-spot, female g-spot, blogs sexy, llvclubSkene’s gland is located above the G-spot and is close to the bladder.

As the Skene’s gland is stimulated, it fills and then expels fluid. This fluid is released through the urethra. The urethra is the same tube that urine passes through. As a result, many women report that they feel like they are going to pee as they ejaculate. It’s a normal feeling. But importantly, it’s not pee, even if it feels like you are peeing. So the first thing to learn is that having that “I need to pee” feeling as you are about to ejaculate is normal.

What is essential is mentally releasing and relaxing so that it happens more easily. The reason that this is the most important thing about training yourself to ejaculate is that most women who claim that they can’t do so because they are merely holding themselves back, instead of just releasing and going with the flow.

1- Prepare Your Mind – Arousal Increases the Chances of Squirting

You MUST Discover what turns you on physically, as well as mentally. It is the primary key. Ideally, the two will work in harmony to increase your arousal levels to levels youfemale ejaculation, squirt, guide to squirt, guide to female ejaculation haven’t experienced before, giving you the best chance of squirting. You need to know your own body intimately, so don’t be shy, explore where everything is – your clitoris, your perineum, the parts of your vagina such as the G-spot and A-spot (anterior fornix).
Just remember that an orgasm is as much in the mind as it is in the body, and the more aroused you are, the easier it will be to achieve. Your body is your primary guide, will tell you when it’s ready to try, listen to what it’s telling you.

2-Prepare Your Body – Learn Your G-Spot

Find your G-spot first! This without a doubt, is the most easily done with a well-designed G-spot toy. Once you’ve experienced the unique sensation of “need to pee” that comes from G-spot stimulation, you’ll know how to keep moving toward that feeling. Once you discover your g-spot, you will understand that magic feeling.

3-Choose the Right Sex Toy – G-Spot Vibrators Are Perfect

While everyone has a different favorite and everyone’s anatomy is unique, that’s why we recommend you to try various toys until you find the one that fits with your anatomy
A great tip to assist squirting during sex, “make sure you’re well hydrated before having sex. Drink water, about half an hour before a session. The hydration will increase your ability to produce bodily fluids naturally. As well, a slightly fuller bladder will put best toys to stimulate your g-spot, sex toyspressure against your G-spot, making it far more sensitive to stimulation.

You may also want to start experimenting with g-spot stimulation with a sex toy that’s already correctly angled to hit your g-spot. Alternately, you or a partner can use fingers. My advice here would be to be more vigorous and intense with your efforts than you might otherwise be. Quite often, you do need intense pressure against the g-spot to manipulate it correctly, so put in the work and don’t let up. If you’re using fingers hooked against your g-spot or a toy, put some arm action into it. Keep your arm stiff and shake it back and forth while applying pressure. This isn’t the time to be soft and gentle. You’re building to a peak and when you get there, just give in and let go.

4- Take Your Time To Squirt – And Enjoy The Journey

It’s about patience and relaxation. It’s also about being comfortable if it doesn’t happen for you. Squirting orgasms are not the be all and end all. If it does not happen, you need to understand that all women are different and you shouldn’t feel like there’s something wrong with you if you’re not able to squirt. If you are learning how to squirt for the first time and struggle to make it happen, don’t worry! Instead, try to focus on what’s enjoyable and pleasurable. It can take many attempts before you finally discover the specific nuances and technique that make it happen for you. It’s fun to discover new ways to stimulate yourself or enjoy foreplay with a partner, but try to avoid any mental or emotional pressure on yourself or your partner to squirt. All you can do is give it your best shot.

Enjoy …

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