Guys have Secret Turn-Ons that Never Tell Their Wives

Being part of a relationship means getting to know your partner as a whole unit…their strengths, weaknesses, fears, dreams, and the hottest things that turn them on. That will help you if you want to have a healthy sex life. It is a fact, when you’re in love with someone, what turn them on it might seem scandalous to others but not for you.

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But it’s almost impossible to get inside of someone head and understand the nature of every small thing that makes them tick — or, in this case, which makes them hot.
In our case (guys), sometimes, we don’t want to share — whether it’s because we may feel embarrassed, or we are afraid that we may rock the boat, or simply because we want to keep it to yourself. That dos not mean that we have an unhappy sex life, not at all it is just that many guys maintain this kind of secrets from their partners.

But let’s take a look…

  • My partner the teacher: Many times we – the guys have this recurrent fantasy about our female partners invites her best friend over, we all have a few drinks,swingers lifestyle, swingers couples and then she starts telling her (in front of me of course) how much I like to be sucked and have sex. Then they both get on their knees and begin giving me a blow job. (I’m not inventing this!) But even that it is super hot, what makes it hotter is the fact that she is telling her friend what to do the whole time — so she is teaching her.
  • 2. “Rimming — bottom shame?..” One of the greatest pleasures any man can have. But we spontaneously ask for it? No way! That’s our secret! She may think the whole area is dirty, but I believe that it’s hot. We may think that she will say something like…No, okay, that’s not going to happen, and then, right there in that exact moment…we will die!
  • We, the voyeurism. We all have that secret desire of having sex with my wife while her friends watch. Do not ask me why, but us all guys have it!. Not because i/we are into voyeurism, but if there’s one fantasy most of all share is that one. It is only that thought that makes us tremble with emotion.
  • It is not you! is Me! All of us or at least most of us, watch porn and if you take a closer look at the porn’s stars, they are nothing like our partners( in most cases at least) I just wonder what will happen if my wife ever sees it…I think my wife would be shocked if she saw the women that turn me on. They don’t look like her at all. My wife is beautiful — she’s tall, has a great body, and has blonde hair. So is not because I want a different kind of women, it is well I don’t know, and that’s why we don’t tell our wives. I think all women are hot. But I don’t think she’d understand that it is just a fantasy!
  • My face, your seat. I love to go down… It would seem that I was born to be a diver … always looking for the depths of life, but sometimes I have this deep desire of just Related imagelay down and make my wife sit on my face without asking or mentioning it. I want her to ride my face and let me enjoy her nectars. But the trick…without asking for it.
  • Taming the beast. As “macho men,” the very idea of being strong and dominant is an integral part of our sexual philosophy. But we will be honest. Deep inside almost all of us, there is this desire to be tamed, to lose control and to be controlled by them. Even the idea of been raped by our wives is hot. So many of us have that wish she would try to dominate me for once. I do not know, something like, something that you think offends me my manhood, twist me, break my will … lol, but with affection

As you can see, we (the boys) also have dirty secrets, so cheer up girls and take initiatives … remember that the worst thing that can happen is that we say … another time.

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