How to avoid Jet Lag

For frequent travelers like us, jet lag can become our worst enemy. And it is that jet lag can ruin the vacation for anyone. Although it does not always have to be this way.

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But what causes jet lag?

Jet lag, also known as time zone change syndrome or desynchronosis, occurs when people travel rapidly from east to west, or west to east in an aircraft.

It is a physiological condition that upsets our body’s circadian (daily) rhythms, it is therefore classified as a circadian rhythm disorder. If we travel across a number of time zones and experience daylight and darkness cycles different from the rhythms we arejet lag, jetlag used to, our body clock will be out of sync (synchronization).

Note: Jet lag symptoms tend to be more severe when the person travels from westward compared to eastward.

Even do that is almost impossible to completely avoid jet lag, there are several steps you can take to try to deal with this problem. 

Before You Go

Star training your brain and body: Jet lag has a lot to do with the direction you’re flying and for how long. Travelers going West, experience lighter effects than those going East, since eastward travelers lose time, pushing their eating, sleeping and bowel habits forward. So A few days before your fly begin adjusting your bedtime and mealtimes closer to those of your destinations. Having a rigid routine of eating and sleeping will make it harder to adjust to new time zones.

jamieson_melatonin_strips_3Get a good night’s sleep before you fly: People often end up having slept for just a few hours before a long flight – whether it’s due to pre-holiday excitement or a deliberate attempt to tire yourself out so that you’ll sleep through the flight. Big mistake. Last minute changes to your routine will only make it harder to adjust to new time zones, and getting a good night’s sleep before your flight will leave you better equipped to cope with jet lag.

During the Flight 

Sleep: If you can sleep on the plane—even for a few hours—it makes a big difference. Earplugs and an eye mask will help. When taking a red-eye to Europe, having breakfast immediately after waking up on the plane or once you get to the airport—even if not hungry— will definitely help adjust your body to the idea that yes, it is now morning, even if your friends and family back home are sound asleep.

Alcohol, a big No-No: One of the most common causes of jet lag is dehydration, and alcohol is not going to help at all. Maybe a glass of wine will help us relax during the long trip, but the excessive consumption of alcohol will give us a bad time when arriving at our destination. The effects of alcohol at altitude will increase tiredness and cause severe dehydration, making it even harder to beat the inevitable jet lag.

Stay hydrated: drinking plenty of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated fluids. Don’t be afraid Image result for jet lag pngto ask your flight attendant for extra water. Dry and pressurized airplane cabins can quickly dehydrate you, making you feel extremely sleepy. Drinking water throughout the trip helps ease that process. It doesn’t stop jet lag but it helps make sure dehydration doesn’t compound your fatigue.

Exercise: It helps your body feel more normal and not as confined on a plane. This doesn’t combat jet lag per se, but it does reduce some of the scars of travel. Get up out of your seat at regular intervals to walk and stretch. You can also do exercises like toe raises, isometric exercises, stomach crunches and shoulder shrugs right in your seat. This keeps your blood flowing and prevents it from pooling at your extremities, a common phenomenon in pressurized cabins.

Say goodbye to coffee: Avoid caffeine-heavy beverages such as coffee, cola, and energy drinks. These artificial stimulants will affect your ability to sleep and increase jet lag recovery time. Your body functions best when it’s hydrated, so drinking lots of water is a great way to offset the effects of jet lag.

Avoid arriving at night: If possible, opt for a flight which arrives in daylight. This will make it easier to stay awake – you’ll be much more tempted to get out and explore if the sun’s shining and you’ve got a full day ahead of you. 

After the Flight

Catch up on sleep: Try to get as much sleep as you normally would in a 24-hour period – make up any shortfall with a (short) snooze on the day of arrival if necessary. 

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