What to wear on a Lifestyle cruise. Decisions, decisions!

I’m sure like me you’ve thought long and hard about what on earth to on each day of my next Lifestyle cruise?  To be honest, I don’t believe that there is a single answer – much depends on your personal style and taste, but we all like to feel special on this trips, don’t we?  If it helps, here’s what I try to do:

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  • Find out about the themes early – then you have time to shop; pretty much everyone joins in on board.  Click here http://www.luxury-lifestyle-vacations.com/Med_Theme_Nights.asp  for the Themes on our Rome cruise 
  • I like to plan a couple of changes through the day – all in line with the theme
  • For my personal style, I do like to keep an eye on websites like Malibu Strings, Wicked Weasel and  Wicked Temptations and the website www.dhgate.com has an incredible range of clothes and accessories.

As for the cruise routine,   I like to wear as much of my wardrobe as I am able on these trips so I plan to change my outfits a couple of times a day if I can:  

  • In the morning, I’ll check the Ship’s program for last minute details of the theme and then try to match my bikini  and perhaps a wrap or sarong with the theme, so if it’s animal print or something, I’ll look for and wear a leopard skin style or jungle look or something similar 
  • By the way –  I love the LLV/LL bikini bottoms and will wear them whenever I can fit them into the theme, so if you can grab one – get one!! Lol 
  • Away from the pool deck, you’ll need a cover up – e.g., for lunch, so again I try to make sure that I have something appropriate to wear.  For evening time, we love to, and I enjoy being able to wear something a little smarter for this; often that will be the outfit I’ll wear to dinner, so again, I like it to be broadly in theme, and as elegant as them allows  
  • Color themes are easily accommodated; other themes perhaps not so easily!  I tend to change into the evening theme – be it lingerie, fetish, Angels, or whatever after dinner and then go on to the bar and club afterward. 
  • As for shoes, I usually cope with 4 or 5 pairs for a week including gym shoes and plan that one pair covers more than one event.

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By Rachel

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Alaskan Splendor Lifestyle Cruise

Ever wondered what it would be like to cruise in the lap of luxury, surrounded by sexy Lifestyle couples in one of the World’s last true expanses of wilderness or how it would feel to play amongst the Glaciers and the Grizzlies in Alaska?! Ok – perhaps not the Grizzlies, but 2018 is your chance to cruise the Inside Passage from Vancouver BC deep into Alaska with our super sexy team at Luxury Lifestyle Vacations.

We’d love for you to join us.

This cruise is set to be one of our hottest yet! Don’t wait, book your suite now and remember that the price you see is all inclusive and it includes top shelf drinks, an impressive wine list and of course all meals on-board. Lifestyle cruising rarely comes this way, this is your chance so don’t miss out – Just book it and we’ll look forward to welcoming you onboard!!

Learn More and book today…



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