Top 7 really weird Sexual Fetishes

Without a doubt, this topic can take us a long time to talk about it, but since out there are millions of websites dedicate it to sexual fetishes and philias, I will just mention 7 of the most bizarre or weird to me. And they are just sources of sexual arousal, somebody may say, but let’s be honestthey are hard to assimilate or at least accept it!

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Let’s take a look…

  1. Amputee Fetish – Acrotomophilia: While most of us tend to find a full set of working limbs handy and desirable, those with an amputee fetish get aroused by missing parts. There are many forms of attraction to the amputee, such as those who get off on the idea of a girlfriend or boyfriend having a “cute little stump” as they describe it, to the attraction to prosthesis—either artificial limbs or the old-fashioned peg leg. From just a finger to multiple missing limbs, amputee lovers love those who are lacking.
  2. Human Furniture – Forniphilia: This one sounds so dirty, but might be one of the cleanest and most control-freak-oriented fetishes on here. Forniphilia is a condition of being turned on by humans serving as furniture. In other words, this person might like to sit on you like a bench. It is a form of bondage and sexual objectification in which a person’s body is incorporated into a chair, table, cabinet or other pieces of furniture. Forniphilia is an extreme form of bondage because the subject is usually tightly bound and expected to stay immobile for a prolonged period.
  3. Insect Fetish – formicophilia: A sub-type of zoophilia is that of formicophilia, in which sexual stimulation occurs by being crawled upon or nibbled by small insects, such as ants most frequently in the genital or anal areas or around the nipples. Some of the most common symptoms are Sexual gratification from will small animals crawl on sexual parts of the body, Sexual interest in ants or insects, Recurring intense sexual fantasies involving ants or insects, Sexual arousal involving ants or insects.
  4. Plushophilia: Unlike people with a bestiality fetish, furries do not fantasize aboutsexual fetishes sexually interacting with animals. Instead, they want to become an animal but a furry one. And THEN they want to hook up with each other while meowing enthusiastically. Furies find nothing more relaxing than dressing up like a giant squirrel or a cat and then acting out said animal behavior.
    There are even conventions where furries can hang out with their fellow fetishists. During the daytime, gathering activities are more along the lines of fashion shows and networking with other furries. It is at night that the yiffing happens. Yiffing is the term for furry sex, and it is no doubt a complicated business. Are there panels built into the giant panda suits for easy access? Or is it mainly dry humping? Attend a furry convention, and you can probably find out for yourself.
  5. Necrophilia: Also, called thanatophile, is a sexual attraction or sexual act involving corpses. The attraction is classified as a paraphilia by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association, and more common that we will like to see. And it is because it was a common practice in ancient cultures like the ancient Egyptians, Acts of necrophilia are depicted on ceramics from the Moche culture, which reigned in northern Peru from the first to the eighth century AD where common theme in these artifacts is the masturbation of a male skeleton by a living woman.
  6. Clown fetish – Coulrophilia: Coulrophilia is a sexual attraction to clowns. People sex fetisheswho have coulrophilia, may find themselves spending a lot of time thinking about clowns or having erotic fantasies about clowns. They might also seek out clowns as sexual partners or prefer to dress as clowns themselves during sexual encounters. Chlorophyll is sometimes known as bozophilia, clown paraphilia, and clown fetish. It is the opposite of coulrophobia, or a fear of clowns. Chlorophyll is a relatively simple obsession, so treatment is rarely sought for the condition. However, if a coulrophile feels their attraction to clowns is becoming disruptive or damaging to their relationships, therapy or hypnosis may be useful.
  7. Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome – Hybristophilia: It is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, cheating, lying, known infidelities or crime, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery. The term is derived from the Greek word ὑβρίζειν hubrizein, meaning “to commit an outrage against someone” (ultimately derived from ὕβρις hubris “hubris”), and Philo, meaning “having a strong affinity/preference for” In popular culture.
    Many high-profile criminals, particularly those who have committed atrocious crimes, receive “fan mail” in prison that is sometimes amorous or sexual, presumably as a result of this phenomenon. In some cases, admirers of these criminals have gone on to marry the object of their affections in prison. Hybristophilia is accepted as potentially lethal, among other such paraphilias including, but not being limited to, asphyxiophilia, autassassinophilia, biastophilia, and chremastistophilia.

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And …Can you imagine a better scenario to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?



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