What Your Hair Color Says About Your SEX Life, Based On A New Study

This morning while searching for material for our weekly blog, this material came to light…I know positively that our women readers (and also to our male readers), will like it and it will create an interesting controversy…So here it is, from Yourtango magazine …

From Rebecca Jane StokesStokes, editor for Yourtango


Hair color has always been important to me.

I was born a blonde (yes, that’s right, with an ‘e’). But time and puberty weren’t kind to me. 

Thus, every six to eight weeks I bow at the altar of Ricky’s beauty supply and pay homage to god of double processed ash blonde hair.

Oh sure, I’ve strayed. I’ve been a redhead and a brunette. I even enjoyed a recent foray into pastel pink.

But I’m always happiest when I’m blonde, blonde, blonde. It’s my hair color supreme.

It turns out, with good reason.

A recent study conducted by Skyn Condoms (lol, condom researchers I salute you) found that our hair color actually tells quite a bit about our sex lives, and I don’t just mean when you accidentally get semen in your hair. Here’s what they found.

If You Have Black Hair….

  • You’re more likely than any other hair color to use free AND paid dating sites to hunt for sex. That’s right, HUNT.
  • You’re also the most likely (at 65%) to have a one night stand.
  • You rate yourself higher than any other hair color for sexual confidence, which seems like a ‘duh’ based on what we’ve learned about your sex life so far.

If You Have Blonde Hair…

  • You love having sex in weird places, including cars, bathtubs, restrooms and more.
  • 40% of you feel realllllly confident about your bedroom abilities. That’s like an F, do better blondes!
  • You come in second at 61% for most likely to have a one night stand. I hope this is not related to your lack of confidence. That would make me sad.

If You Have Red Hair… 

  •  You’re the least likely hair color at 57% to have a one night stand.
  •  You’re the MOST likely hair color to be in bondage and role playing, you selective kinkster you!
  • You straight up DO NOT internet date. Fair enough, the world isn’t kind to gingers.

If You Have Brown Hair…

  • You’re willing to try paid dating sites more than freedom, you smart creature.
  • You’re more confident than blondes about your abilities in the sack, but at 44% confidence, you could work on that a bit.







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