What Women Want

Today, while looking for material for my weekly blog, I found this blog of our friends Pornhub. As we all know Purnhub is one of the channels of porn movies right now. It turns out that based on its subscription channels, and the results are super interesting … here I leave for you… Enjoy


Pornhub Insights is getting down with demographics! As part of a collaboration with our friends over at Buzzfeed, the Pornhub statisticians are offering a unique look at the way that members of the fairer sex get turned on with everyone’s favorite porn site. By segmenting by gender within our analytics tools, we were able to generate anonymized data that brings us one step closer to answering the time old question: what do women want?

What does she desire?

Well, apparently they want to watch a bunch of gay sex. Pornhub’s Lesbian category is the leading favorite among the ladies, with Gay (male) following close at second place. The Gay category only falls into 7th place for men in terms of top viewed categories so it’s noteworthy here that overall, this category ranks higher with the sex opposite to that which this type of content is intended for.

There’s no love from the ladies for the bigger beauties of porno land with the BBW category noticeably absent from the list on the female side despite its ranking at 13th place for the men. Though other classics like Teen, MILF, Threesome and Anal pepper this list as well, it’s clear that the type of sex that women are most interested in watching occurs between members of the same sex.


It’s also worthwhile taking a look at which categories on Pornhub women are more likely to view than men, as outlined in the following chart. Unsurprisingly, the female friendly stuff comes out on top here, with the ‘For Women’ category being 193% more likely to be searched by a woman than a man. The same goes for the Lesbian category, which, despite ranking as the 6th most popular category for males is still 132% more likely to be perused by the ladies.

Apparently, women also really like watching men take care of business as the Solo Male category is 103% more popular with the fairer sex. Things get heated pretty quickly after this though, with the Hardcore, Rough Sex, Double Penetration and Gangbang categories all showing women to be between 80-100% more likely to be lurking these extra explicit parts of Pornhub.


What is she looking for?

Again thanks to our anonymized data analytics tools, we are also able to compare and contrast the specific search terms used by both men and women to locate their preferred type of porn. Here again, ‘lesbian’ emerges as the most searched term by women, in comparison to ‘teen’ for men. The ladies are also much more into multi-partner scenarios with terms ‘threesome’ coming in hot at number 2 and ‘gangbang’ in at 4th place. Chocolate cravings are also strong on the female side with terms ‘ebony,’ ‘big black cock,’ ‘black’ and ‘ebony lesbians’ all ranking in the top 25 most searched.


When we look at the terms that women are more likely to search for than men, the results are simply Sapphic. For instance, ‘eating pussy’ is over 900% more likely to be searched by a woman than a man, as are terms like ‘pussy licking,’ ‘tribbing,’ ‘lesbian scissoring’ and ‘ebony lesbians’ which on average are over 600% more searched for by the ladies.


Who gets her going?

We’ve covered what both genders like to look at on Pornhub, so let’s shift it over to who. Reality television appears to be a theme over on the women’s side, with small-screen stars Kim Kardashian (nsfw), Mimi Faust (nsfw) andFarrah Abraham (nsfw) all showing up within the top 5. Men are more drawn to DD cups rather than the D-list as traditional porn star favorites like Lisa Ann (nsfw), Madison Ivy (nsfw) and Asa Akira (nsfw) top off their list, though Kimmy K does hold it down in third place.

Interestingly enough, Miley Cyrus ranks at 13th place for both genders, despite the fact that she’s never even made a sex tape…yet. We do have this NSFW offering up on Pornhub, Miley May (nsfw) in the appropriately namedMiley’s Sex Tape (nsfw), so we’ll assume that that’s what everyone was busy looking for.


Last but not least is a look at which porn stars women are searching for more than men. Like we saw earlier, women were searching for a lot of same-sex porn. Here, male stars dominate the list but Jake Bass (nsfw) and Colby Keller (nsfw) are surprisingly the only gay performers in the slew. Among the few female stars appearing on the list is lesbian favorite Sinn Sage, who is 159% more popular among the ladies.

Industry hunks James Deen (nsfw) and Xander Corvus (nsfw) top off the list and are both around 500% more likely to be searched for by females. Again, there are very few females on this list at all but of the 4, Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez’s presences reaffirm the interesting intersection we’ve observed between women, the porn they search for, and reality television stars.


That’s a wrap on this demographics-gone-dirty edition of Pornhub Insights. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this gender-focused look at porno-viewing habits, and encourage you to let us know what other reports of this type you’d be interested in seeing on the site in the comments section!




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