Women, it’s time to learn to ejaculate

Only a few women manage a female ejaculation. We have come up with a short course for those who don’t have the natural ability to squirt.

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Many experts believe that the female ejaculation is physically impossible and that it was made up by the porn industry.

What is squirting?

It means a small quick stream or a jet of liquid. In an erotic sense, it means female ejaculation. The media are paying more and more attention to this phenomenon. The theories about whether or not the female ejaculation exists or not and if it is even physically possible are as interesting to people as discussions about the famous G-spot. One group of doctors thinks that squirting was made up by the porn industry because technical literature and anatomy prove that the female body doesn’t have this ability. They say that urinating is the most that can happen. Then, we have women, their gynecologists and some scientists who claim that a woman can ejaculate during an orgasm.

How to learn to squirt?

  • Empty your bladder. The feeling during ejaculation is similar to urinating. By peeing beforehand, your squirting will occur as the result of your arousal and not because you have to go to the toilet.
  • Get comfortable. Many authors of all types of books on female ejaculation think thatorgasm24 women can’t squirt because they’re holding back before an orgasm or they’re uncomfortable before reaching a relaxing climax. That’s why a bathtub or a toilet bowl are two highly recommendable places for practicing squirting. This is mostly so because it helps you avoid an unpleasant situation during an orgasm, like the presence of urine. If you’re relaxed enough with yourself or your partner and a drop of urine doesn’t hinder your sexual pleasure too much, you can practice squirting in the bed, on the chair or on the couch as well.
  • Stimulate the G-spot. You can use an erotic accessory during this or your fingers. You have to be careful that the accessory (a vibrator or something else) is bent at the top, with the purpose of stimulating the G-spot. If you’re using your fingers, penetrate the vagina with them, find your G-spot and stimulate it in such a way that you’re showing the ‘come here’ sign with your fingers. So, stimulate the inside of your vagina by bending your fingers and caressing the walls of the vagina with the tips of the fingers. Your grip should be firm.
  • Add clitoral stimulation. While stimulating the inside of your vagina with the fingers of one hand, stimulate the clitoris with the fingers of the other hand. You can also stimulate the urethra (the urine cavity), which provides additional stimulation for some women. If it makes you feel unpleasant, you can omit the urethra stimulation.
  • Follow your instincts. Listen to your body, or better yet, listen to your vagina. Don’t think about what you’re doing; just surrender to the feelings you’re experiencing. Don’t think about this as hard work, but as tremendous stimulation of your vagina in all possible ways. You’ll feel very moist and you’ll also perhaps feel like you have to pee. Don’t be embarrassed by these feelings. What you’re experiencing is a very high degree of arousal.
  • Feel the orgasm. When you feel the orgasm is close, remove the vibrator, the dildo or your fingers because otherwise you’d be obstructing the course of the ejaculation and there would be no squirting. So, remove the fingers from the inside, but keep the fingers from your other hand on the clitoris. During the orgasm, stretch your vaginal muscles in such a way that a part of the inside of your vagina can be visible on the outside. Your orgasm will suddenly squirt and you will feel like you’re in heaven.

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to squirt. It’s important to have fun and reach an orgasm when pleasuring yourself, but you can still repeat the exercise until you make it and then surprise your partner with your new skill.

How to involve the partner?

If you want to experience the squirt in pair, there are ways to include your partner in the gratification process. He can start by kissing your body, which will make you pleasantly relaxed. He can continue by kissing your vagina and when you become aroused, he can penetrate it with his fingers. He should follow the advice about stimulating the G-spot, the firm grip and you feeling comfortable, while you start stimulating your clitoris. When you’re doing this when lying down, this ‘arrangement’ is most comfortable for her. You can also reverse roles so that you’re stimulating the inside of your vagina with your fingers and he’s working on the clitoris. In this case, we suggest a position where you’re half sitting because it’s easier to penetrate the vagina with your fingers this way. Your partner can stimulate your clitoris with his fingers and his tongue. Warn him right before the orgasm, so that he’s not surprised by the ejaculation. Naturally, some men absolutely adore female ejaculation on their face, but the sudden squirt can be unpleasant for the eyes.

By: Izabela M for intimatemedicine.com


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