Unbelievable things that men do in bed that women hate

We do not have to be a psych in order to know that men sometimes make things difficult to believe, sometimes merely childish things, but for sure, men have that magical ability to inadvertently rile, the sanest woman.

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There are many things men do that women hate. Like forgetting the toilet seat open, or scratching you know where and then smell their hand! Or leaving the toothpaste without a lid, or burp at the table and many more.

And of course I do not mean all men in general. But one way or another we all sinned in some way.

But when it comes to the bedroom, there are unforgivable mistakes, even for the most holy woman. Come on guys…really? Let’s take a look

  • Have bad hygiene! It is a non-starter if you haven’t showered or shaved in days. Come on men, we like women to be clean and smell good, they would appreciate the same from us.
  • Going Straight for It. Women are from Venus men are from mars, The bang, bang, bang, sex theory is wrong, women needs time! And you’re already done! There’s more to sex than just an orgasm, women really don’t like it when a guy tries to go straight for sex, without getting their partners revved up. Hello! Foreplay! Spend some time with her because unlike us, most women take more time to get ready. Let’s enjoy each other’s beautiful bodies, not race to the finish so you can get back to playing Xbox or whatever.
  • Undressing before you are certain where the evening is headed. It is awkward if you are standing there half naked and she is wondering why. Do try not to be ridiculous. Gropes the ground, talk, ask how she feels, is she busy? But for the love of god, do not show up naked out of nowhere!
  • Not a Porn Set: This is real life, not a porn set. Most people know what they know about sex because they’ve seen all the porn movies at the library! They see how people talk in the porn, and they know how they do it and which scenarios they do it in. Women like a little role-playing also, because it keeps matters interesting. But please refrain yourself from letting the cat out of the bag to your woman like a trash can or like a sex toy. Most women do not like or enjoy the dirty talk, and women who enjoy it, prefer that men are at least a little more creative than, “Yeah, take that dick.” THE LITERAL WORST. Although some couples enjoy having nasty, raunchy sex, you’d be wise to talk to the girl you’re going to sleep with before you engage in such behavior. If you begin forcing her head back and forth when she’s sucking you, or you pound away on her and start spanking her without knowing if she likes it first, chances are the scenario won’t end on a happy note.
  • Surprise: Please leave your surprises for another moment. Foreign objects? Use your imagination and then don’t go there. Unless asked specifically, do not surprise her with a makeshift dildo. Or even the real thing. Be gentle and use common sense.

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  •  Going hard. You are not working construction at least in that minute right? So hammering harder will not make it better. Slow down a little and ease up, enjoy the moment. Unless specifically asked, you could be ruining her evening. You’ll quickly discover that most women don’t enjoy such an act, at least not off the bat. Mix it up a little bit; go fast at times, then slow down. Go all the way in at times, and other times let only the tip of your head in. That won’t go over well for either of you.
  • Ignoring everything but sexualized parts: Breasts and vaginas are great — no doubt — but you should definitely pay attention to other parts of her body. Lick behind her knees, kiss her wrists, rub her back, and caress her stomach; focus on her entire body. It’ll turn her on more and, in turn, increase the chances of her pleasuring you back. Sex and the City brilliantly branded this type of guy “Mr. Pussy,” the one who is so focused on female anatomy that that’s the thing he dives straight into, tongue first! Yes, please go down. But do not forget that they have other erogenous zones and pleasure points. Find them!
  • Heavy? Putting your weight on her? It’s OK to lose yourself in the moment every once in a while and go crazy on your woman. However, when you’re lying on top of her, you have to be careful not to drop your weight on her, in essence hindering her ability to breathe properly — which is never a good thing during sex.
  • Did You Cum? That is a question that 100% of women hate. So Can You Please Not Ask her “Did You Cum?” Because like if you have to ask her if she did, well then that’s the problem right there, isn’t it? An orgasm doesn’t have to be the sole purpose of sex. But when you ask a woman “did you cum,” it’s almost like you’re trying to rush her and move on to doing something else. You’re not asking if she had fun or if she is enjoying herself. You’re asking if you made her body orgasm. Sex is NOT a race.
  • Unsolicited back door entry. Unless specifically requested, a surprise in her rear will not make her a happy woman.
  • Too soon/too late: Without a doubt, the most hated things in bed! Come on guys… can we synchronize our watches? You need to have good control of yourself to ensure that you can ejaculate at an appropriate time. Too soon and she may be unsatisfied; too late and she starts feeling like sandpaper. If you can’t control yourself and end up letting go too soon, spend a lot more time on foreplay. If you last too long and can only ejaculate via manual stimulation, do your best to give her an orgasm and then get her to satisfy you manually.

Well, my dear friends, I hope you take notes and correct the negative attitudes in bed. Many women can live with problems the uncapped toothpaste, or the toilet seat up. But when it comes to the bedroom, do not play with fire, you can burn yourself!

And to close this blog, I bring a phrase I read somewhere, sometime ago, and I really always try to remember: Sex, like a smile, is a natural expression of something intangible.



October 28th – November 2nd, 2016

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