Avoid these foods before sex

Hoping dinner paves the path for a naughty tryst? While nibbles like nuts and dark chocolate turn up the heat, the other eats pull the plug on passion. While their side effects don’t kick in immediately, spare yourself from so-so sex and avoid these lesser-recognized anti-aphrodisiacs pre-making love.

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In sexual relations, we must always take care of all the details such as the setting, the clothes we wear, hygiene… There are many things to consider to make the most of the relationship, and one of them is to look after the food we eat before having sex.
Although it may seem silly, as the food we eat, can affect us positively or negatively in our sexual relationships, since, for example, can vary the taste of semen, increase our sexual desire or can be repeated throughout the night, creating an unpleasant or uncomfortable situation and even create bad breath.

To avoid this and put us in a bind, let’s go over what foods are best avoided, if I plan to relish a good sex session and we do not desire to have bad breath or gases that span all night:

  • Garlic: Garlic have many benefits like increase sexual performance and be consideredgarlic.png a powerful aphrodisiac, but its strong flavor, leave us a breath or taste not very nice. If you cannot stop eating it, then try using mouthwash, breath spray or gum.
    Onion: It is said that because of its high sulfur content, is not favorable for the taste of cum, but neither is your breath, as it is a food that is repeated easily and has a strong odor. So, if you can avoid it, much better, you’ll thank later.
  • Hot dogs: Although this festival favorite is certainly a suggestive treat, noshing on wieners isn’t a good-time guarantee. The summer staple’s high saturated fat content clogs the penile and vaginal arteries, creating not-so-prime circumstances for sexy time, says Jacqueline Richard, PsyD, a certified sex therapist in Santa Barbara, CA. For a healthier handheld treat, Dr. Richard recommends fish tacos. The omega-3 fatty acids aid the cardiovascular system, a boon for sexual arousal.
  • Pepper: Is another type of food that has a very strong flavor and is very easy to then be repeated throughout the night, causing uncomfortable gases to enjoy the situation.
  • Tonic water: If your drink of choice is gin and tonic, you may want to save it for nights when nookie isn’t on the menu. Bubbly beverages, including soda and seltzer, can make you gassy and bloated (not a sexy combo!), says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, a certified sex educator, sexologist and author of The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking. Dr. Richard adds that quinine—the ingredient that gives tonic water its bitter taste—may temporarily lower testosterone levels and even sperm count, bad news for anyone trying to get pregnant. For a better beverage, turn to unsweetened tea, which boosts your mood, improves focus and promotes better blood flow throughout the body, an ideal set-up for sex.


  • Legumes: You have to be very careful because legumes generally have a reputation for causing flatulence, and also the discomfort and inconvenience to the sufferer, it can be a very violent situation. Yes, there are tricks to prevent this from happening, such as breaking the boil, while you are cooking, add any ingredients that facilitate digestion or eating pureed.
  • Soy. Just read your ingredient labels and you’ll start to see how many products contain soy, in addition to the usual suspects, like soy sauce, soy milk and edamame. Soy is high in estrogen, which can lower male sex drive, one revealing study from Denmark showed that baby boys who consumed [soy-based formula] as infants had reduced penal sizes by one inch. Mental note: Clean out kitchen cabinets.
  • Strong sausages, such as chorizo or spicy sausage: are foods that are tasty, but are not appropriate for a night of sex, as they have very strong odors and therefore it tastes like. Avoid not will have a hard time.

These are some of the foods you should try not to eat before a night of sex, but there are many other foods that are not favorable.
If it is inevitable that you try any of these foods, you can use some tricks that may help you to combat bad breath:


-Chewing a lemon or basil leaves, mint, very refreshing … and I will take it as very good or Tea
-Eating apple makes you generate more saliva and you will improve your breath, celery also
-Tea oil, mint or ginger: mixed in a drop of water and serves as a mouthwash.
-Vitamin C can stop odor-causing bacteria from growing, and neutralize the odors from notoriously smelly foods like garlic and onions.

If more than bad breath, what are you worried about flatulence that can cause you some meals, you can follow some tips that will help you:

As mentioned before the theme of legumes, there are tricks when cooked, like breaking the boil while you are cooking, add some ingredient that facilitate digestion or eat them mashed.

-Fennel, cumin or anise are good remedies against flatulence.
-If you have an attack of accumulation of gases, you can get over the abdomen a hot water, that will relieve a lot.

As you see there are remedies for all but the best, unless you want to be in an uncomfortable situation is to avoid these foods that you know are not advisable.

Do you know any more than food is not advisable to eat before sex? Have you had any uncomfortable experience of this kind? I will love to hear from you.

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