A Unicorn on Valentine’s Day

By: Gwen Lee

Single women, on Valentine’s Day are often nervous, but not me. Many singles dread being stuck at home alone, being the third wheel with a vanilla
couple or worse yet going on a bad date with a vanilla guy.

Life as a unicorn is fun. Valentine’s day, for me, feels like I’m a gift with a bow on my head. Sometimes, I feel like the tallest flower in a bouquet. Dating couples, or being in a triad, means I get spoiled on Valentine’s Day. Two happy people get to spoil me, or, 2 or more couples.

Being a bisexual woman, who prefers to date couples, is how I roll. My favorite kind of couples are those who are madly in love with each other. They gladly welcome me as a fun addition for the wife. The husband knows that once I’m comfortable, with his wife’s permission, he may join.

My Valentine’s Day’s are filled with fine dining, champagne, all night passionate love making, and filthy sex until we are all satiated. No expectations, just pure fun and pleasure on my part. All that I have to do is show up. It’s completely symbiotic.

Valentine’s Day in the vanilla world is discouraging. Men try to avoid disappointing women. They cancel last minute, have apocalyptic melt downs or develop man flu. The worst case scenario, is when he tries to do something last minute, showing a complete lack of creativity. Meanwhile, she had her hair, nails and waxing done. Bought sexy lingerie and a cute dress to please him, only to spend the evening smiling through his meager effort to save money and time, but with a desire to take full advantage of all the effort she made to please him. If I made that much effort for my triad, I would be devoured and adored until the morning light.

Life as a unicorn and dating couples for me, is far more superior than the vanilla dating world on Valentine’s Day.

Gwen Lee

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