Sip and Spill with Elle…Mariposa

Director of Events, Amanda Leigh aka Elle Elle Vee sat down with our in house Erotic Educator and owner of Organic Loven, Taylor Sparks.

Elle: What is Organic Loven?
Taylor: Organic Loven specializes in improving adults sexual health and enhancing their sex lives via our organic and eco-friendly intimate body products, sex-positive books and erotic educational seminars.

Elle: How long have you been in the industry, what is your title?
Taylor: I have been an Erotic Educator and Sex Goddess for five years with over a decade of experience in the natural skin care/cosmetics industry, and more than 15 years in retail/merchandising.

Elle: How did you find the community, and LLV?
Taylor: I met the amazing owners in the fall of 2013 at Desire Los Cabos, Mexico.

Elle: Are you part of the lifestyle yourself or is this just buisness?
Taylor: In addition to my business within the lifestyle, my husband and I have an Open/Married/Swinging/Polyamorous/Kinky relationship.

Elle: What is the best part of guiding seminars? Whats your favourite class to teach?
Taylor: The self realization that my clients have when they discover that the products that they have been using have been causing them sexual health issues and there is something better. The Aha, moments. My favorite class is my branded and most popular class, How To Make Good Pussy, Better.

Elle: What makes Luxury Lifestyle Vacations different from other experiences?
Taylor: Luxury Lifestyle Vacations focuses on giving their clients the best luxury experience, in the most exotic locations in the world.

Elle: You’ve been a volunteer, vendor, and presenter – whats your preferred position?
Taylor: I thoroughly enjoy them all for different reasons. As a volunteer Experience Advisor I am there to guide LLV’s clients through out their vacation, whether it is answering questions about the locations we are visiting, introducing them to other clients to bridge the relationship or to help get the parties started by being one of the first on the dance floor. As a vendor, I get to introduce clients to the best organic and eco-friendly intimate body products on the market. Assisting people not only with sexual fulfillment, but assisting some with sexual ailments such as erectile dysfunction or chronic vaginal dryness. As a presenter, I have the opportunity to educate and entertain clients providing a fun and informative seminar that they return to again and again to see our newest products.

Elle: Have you ever had any negative outcome from working among the lifestyle?
Taylor: I have not had any negative issues within the lifestyle. But I only put out positive energy so that is all I attract. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Elle: What is the first trip and fondest memory of LLV?
Taylor: My first trip is my fondest because since I have been working with LLV, my entire life has changed. That was the Greece to Istanbul cruise in 2013.

Elle: What advice would you give to a vendor wanting to work with us?Taylor: Understand that this is an upscale clientele. They are seeking unique items.

Taylor Sparks, Erotic Educator & Sex Goddess
IG/Facebook/Twitter: organicloven

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