The Smell of Good Love

By: Taylor Sparks

Aromatherapy and your Sensuality

Our five senses, Touch, Taste, Sight, Sound and Smell lead us through this world encountering so many delightful things…and people. A sensual person is one that has an intuitive awareness and appreciation of the subtle changes that affect each of the senses. A sensual person tends to have a great interest in various forms of music, culinary creations, the visual arts, aromatics and various forms of physical touch including those that permit the physical expression of love, desire and sex.

Aromatherapy is the holistic therapeutic application of genuine essential oils for enhancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of an individual.

Aromatherapy and Romance Throughout History
Aromatherapy has often been used in sexual practices and rituals throughout many cultures and time periods. Aromatics have been used to attract lovers, heal a relationship; it has been used in the art of seduction and mentioned in the Kama Sutra. History states that when Cleopatra sailed the Cydnus River to meet Marc Antony, she had the purple sails of her barge so heavily perfumed with her blend of rose, cardamom and cinnamon, it made all in its wake dizzy with love. Basil was used by young Italian women to charm and bewitch potential lovers. Ancient Arabic manuals giving advice on sexual matters refer to Black Pepper for its erotic qualities. Ginger was used by the Romans for its sexual enhancement properties and Tantric disciples smeared Sandalwood on their bodies while celebrating sexual ecstasy.

Aromatherapy and Sensuality
The use of erotic aromatics in a room spray, body mist, massage oil or bath can greatly enhance one’s romantic evening, heighten your libido and increase your stamina! A room lightly scented with a blend of an energizing and exotic oil can relieve stress and uplift the spirit while setting the mood for a lustful night or afternoon delight.

Here are a few aromatics that can be used alone or in special blends to create the type of sexual atmosphere and sexual response you want.
Jasmine deeply influences the emotional part of us. Jasmine is especially great for helping to dissolve away emotional blocks involving relationships and sex. Jasmine helps set the stage for experiencing warm love, total abandon, and trust and relaxes and helps to open the body and emotions.

Lavender is an evocative scent that is soothing to the heart. It relaxes and balances with its comforting aroma. Use it to heal and nurture a relationship and sooth the mind. Avoid use during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Orange is an evocative scent that brings warmth and cheerfulness to a relationship. It encourages joy and sensitivity.

Patchouli is an erotic scent with a deep, musky and lingering aroma associated with earthy sensuality and spiritual elevation. It is very sexually provocative and decreases inhibition and encourages desire.

Sandalwood is an erotic scent with a sweet and woody aroma. It has been used in ritualistic sexual practices celebrating the divinity of sexual ecstasy. It encourages emotional openness and enhances physical sensuality. It creates spontaneous interaction and helps lovers get out of a sexual rut.

Ylang Ylang is an erotic scent that acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. It increases libido and enhances attraction between lovers. It can sooth the over anxious while boosting low energy. It opens emotions and promotes a more sensual and erotic experience during lovemaking.

The nose can be one of the most sensual oracles if one will just slow down long enough to enjoy the aromas around them. As aromatics are inhaled, the aroma travels across the olfactory nerves located inside the nose and then it moves up to the part of the brain called the Limbic System that controls our moods, memories, and the ability to learn. When this area of the brain is stimulated it releases endorphins, neurotransmitters and other “feel good” plant chemicals that can ease your emotions and put you in one really, really good mood. Enjoy!

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