Vanilla tips to Swirl your world

Tired of counting down to celebrate? Needing a little jump in your step with your routine life? Don’t settle for exploring your relationship at events alone..

Here’s some Vanilla tips to keep the swirl in that world.

Once you have both agreed to abide by the three golden rules of date night, plan a stellar evening that will be sure to blow both your minds. Try to avoid doing things that you’ve done before. Spend some time planning something interesting to keep things fresh and brand new. If you’re stuck, here are some interesting ways that you can spice up date night.

1 Pick each other up.

Why not indulge in adult play time and try to pick each other up? Head over to a bar separately, and pretend like you’re meeting each other for the first time. Boys, approach your lady, offer to buy her a drink, and see where the night leads you.

Ladies, accept his drink offer, and lead him on. You’ll definitely get a kick out of acting like perfect strangers. You can create backstories for your characters and even indulge in a naughty quickie in the men’s room.

2 Role play:

Speaking of backstories, why not tailor-make one especially for date night? You can create characters for yourselves and act out the roles. For example, CIA spy Daniel York aids CDC researcher Abigail Sway to find a cure for a viral outbreak, and the only successful way to do it is to procreate.

Fancy an abduction fantasy? How about a teacher-student storyline? No matter how elaborate or cheesy your role play scenario is, you will be sure to have a blast.

3 Kick up the kink:

Spice up your date by kicking up the kink. From being very hands on under perfectly laid linen tablecloths to indulging in a quickie in the parking lot, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting caught to spice up a night out with your lover.

4 Dress up.

Ladies, invest in some sexy lingerie, and give your lover a sneak peek during dinner. Behave like a seductress on the prowl, and get your man all hot and bothered over appetizers. Gentlemen, when it comes to underwear, less is more, so why not just hang loose? It’ll give your lady love a glimpse of your package and let her know just what’s waiting for her when you guys get home.

5 Go somewhere unconventional.

Many couples run out of ideas on where to go and what to do on date night. Most end up heading out to a restaurant, and more often than not, it’s somewhere they’ve been multiple times before. Why not get creative with it?

Every time date night rolls around, you can head someplace new and interesting. Ever tried Peruvian food? Know anything about Singaporean cuisine? Give something new a go, and be pleasantly surprised. You can also head to thematic restaurants. From treetop dining to dining in the dark, take your pick from the myriad unconventional options out there.

6 Pick up an activity.

Want to learn how to tango? What about salsa or swing? Instead of indulging in a conventional dinner-and-a-movie date night, you can spice up your evenings with your partner by picking up a skill. Why not start with dancing? This way, you’ll have something to work towards together, and when you’re done with classes, you can head out dancing and make everyone around you jealous.

7 Check into somewhere fancy.

There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourselves every so often and splurging on romance. Turn date night into a two-day-one-night event, and check into a luxury hotel. Pig out on fancy room service, watch cable till kingdom come, and have a go at it everywhere and anywhere in the room.

This will also give you the chance to live out your deepest, darkest fantasies. From playing with props and costumes to making as much noise as you want, hotels are definitely the way to go. Be sure to take advantage of weekday and off-peak rates

8 Relive your first date.

Why not relive your first date? Head over to the same restaurant you headed to when you first went out. Even better, pretend that you’re out on a first date. Ask each other get-to-know-you questions such as hopes and dreams for the future, favorite shows and music, and so on. You should know by now that people change over the years, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of things you’ll learn about your partner.

9 Make it a surprise.

You can spice up date night by springing it on your sweetheart. Plan everything in advance, and with no warning at all, get your lover to dress up and follow you out. From the venue to the activities, turn everything into a surprise, and watch them glow with joy.

10 Behave like teens.

Being youthful is what keeps the fire and passion burning in a relationship. Never settle into the monotonous aura of a boring, married couple. Instead, spice it up, and behave like teens on date night. From making out like crazy in the backseat to taking a drive with the top down, and from kissing at your favorite lookout point to giving your darling a hand job in the cinema, everything goes when you’re teens again.

11 Experience a “first” together.

Another great way to make date night more interesting is to experience something new together. You’ll be surprised at the number of things that old-time couples have never done together. I spoke to several long-term couples, and some of the things that they have yet to experience together include the most basic of activities such as mini golf, ice skating, playing darts, camping, and road tripping. Think of something fresh, and make it happen with your sweetheart.

12 Do it backwards.

Another simple yet exciting way to spice up date night is to do it Memento-style, and play everything backwards. Start with a sexy soak in the tub complete with rose petals and candles, then move on to wild sex. After that, head over to an ice cream parlor for dessert before moving on to a breakfast diner for dinner.

13 Spend it at home.

One of the best ways to have a memorable date night is to experience it from the comfort of your own home. Some people may scoff at this, but I for one personally think that if you can turn your home into a sex nest, then all the better.

Start off by making an appointment for a home couples massage, and spend a couple of hours in blissful relaxation. Once the therapists have left, spend the rest of the evening cooking, wining, dining, spending plenty of time in the nude, and getting it on in front of the fireplace. Remember to send the kids off to their grandparents’ before undressing.

It really depends on you how often you want to squeeze date night into your schedules. Whether you choose to do it once a week or once a month, be sure to put your all into it. Don’t be distracted by all the white noise, and give your partner the respect and undivided attention that they deserve. You will see just how much better your relationship can be when you put the time and effort into nurturing it.

Skip the dinner and movie routine, and make your date night more fun with these thrilling, sexy, and adventurous date options.

Have fun! Go twist some cones 😉

Your LLV trips don’t have to be the only thing you look forward to, but spontaneous getaways are always romantic:

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