Let me share some sexy foreplay tips

We want to make tonight incredibly sexy so what can you do to make it happen? Why don’t you try some hot foreplay!

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There is a huge misconception that not every man enjoys foreplay. I promise you that this is nothing but a myth! Everybody love and enjoy foreplay, so why don’t you try using these sexy foreplay tips throughout the day to make sure your partner can think of nothing else but getting back home with you. These will drive him wild, crazy and have him begging for it before night arrives.

  • In public, lean in and whisper something incredibly dirty that you want to do to him, or that you want him to do to you later.
  • Go wild, don’t put any panties under that skirt! Throughout the day, occasionally let him catch a glimpse of what’s going on underneath. (Obviously, be careful with this one. Make sure you are going to be doing stuff that day that will allow for this kind of thing).
  • When you are in a group, first make sure that nobody else sees other than him, then slide your fingers down the front of your panties, and go up and slide those sexy fingers into his mouth…he will go crazy and now he has a taste of what he is going to get later.sexy-texting
  • Give him the control…handle to him the remote control of the bullet you have inserted before heading out on that date tonight. I’m pretty sure that both of you will have a lot of fun and will prepare the night for what is coming.
  • If you’re apart, send him some slightly naughty text messages like, “I’ve got something planned for later, and I’ve got a feeling you’re going to like it,” or “Can’t wait to wrap my lips around you tonight.”
    Gently brush your hand over his butt, crotch and other sensitive areas in a way that could be interpreted as accidental to arouse your man.
  • Make sure he sees you while you undress. That doesn’t mean you have to do aundres striptease, though that is sure to get him going too when you walk into the closet or the bathroom to get undressed this evening, make sure the door is open enough that he can sneak some peeks of you. I promise, he will.
  • Hop in the shower with him before the two of you head off to work. Make sure you take turns washing each other, touching each other, and kissing each other, but don’t let it go all the way. This is guaranteed to keep you on his mind the entire day!
  • Before any touching has taken place, lie close to your man and whisper how hot he’s made you. Most men aren’t used to softer, sensual talk, but it creates so much anticipation! Don’t be afraid to be explicit — for example, tell him how tingly you are down below. Once he’s under your spell, graze your fingers precariously close to his private parts. By physically hinting at the action to come, his desire will be on fire.

  • Compliment him! Yep, this one is simple, but maybe the most effective. Make sure he knows that the shirt he is wearing really makes his eyes pop, his ass looks fantastic in those jeans, or just tell him how lucky you are to have such an incredibly handsome man. Boosting his confidence will make him come at you WITH confidence, which will certainly lead to a memorable time!
  • Last on the list today, but certainly not least, is keep the lights on! You may think “What about my tummy not being flat enough? What if he thinks my breasts are too small? Am I a bit overweight? What about my stretch marks?”, This list can go on and on, but I promise nothing will turn him on more than your confidence! I swear your confidence can turn what you consider a six into a ten for him. You need to trust that the man you are with is going to find you sexy in so many ways.

So let’s play today!

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The sexiest NYE party ever | Miami NYE party, Lifestyle NYE party, Swingers Lifestyle


LLV wants to welcome you to the hottest ever New Year’s Eve Event… NYE Miami 2018!!

What’s a better way to celebrate NYE than with select, exclusive couples that will be ringing in 2018? This is the perfect sensual and erotic atmosphere that will allow everyone to revel in a sophisticated and lavish lifestyle.

If you’ve partied with us before, you know how we do it! First class with a big dose of sexiness thrown in – and this year we’re doing it in Miami, one of THE best party cities on the planet. While it will be one huge city wide party, only 200 couples will experience it the way you will onboard the Ultimate Yacht – Seafair.

The sexiest party of the year will take place on board the $40-million-dollar mega yacht SEAFAIR in the Biscayne Bay facing Bayfront Park. This is where all of the NYE festivities take place, including a huge concert (Pitbull performed the last 3 NYE’s), a spectacular fireworks display and the famous Miami Orange drop from the Intercontinental Hotel directly at midnight.


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