The Perfect Fellatio: A Great Guide

Have you ever meet a guy that does not like to receive oral sex? I don’t think so. They all love it this isn’t news. Well, today we will bring you a short guide on how to give the perfect fellatio whether you are inexperienced, or you just want to twist a bit your technique, being able to provide your man with pleasure that surely, he will not forget, and much less, who gave it to him.

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Oral sex is a great and easy way to turn up the intensity in the bedroom and surely the fastest way that your man quickly gets on the same wave as you.

A surprisingly large number of women refuse to give fellatio. Some say they don’t enjoy it, while most of them are insecure about their technique. Many women who don’t want to do it is because they’re insecure about what to do and how well they do it. But for sure, all women are always trying to learn How To Give THE PERFECT Blow Job.

One thin is 100% sure…When a man receives fellatio, he’s generally extremely grateful.

So let’s learn!

  1. Communicate: Although it seems simple, this is the most important part of the entire process. We can give you every fellatio tip in the world, but nobody is going to know your man’s body as he does.
    Before you go to bed, ask him lightheartedly what he likes and what he doesn’t. Men are often happy to share, and you’ll still be able to surprise him when you bust out his favorite move a few days later. This is also a good time to let him know yourfellattio tec, blowjob feelings. If you are inexperienced or insecure, let him know how you feel so he can encourage and support you through the process. So if you have any discomfort regarding oral sex, a quick, comforting chat can help to put your mind at ease.
  2. If you’re not in the mood, don’t bother: From a Men point of view…Believe it; there’s nothing more unappealing than a skillful blowjob from someone who sees it as a contractual obligation. Not sexy at all, my dear ladies. For a man, knowing that a woman is enthusiastic about pleasing you is a major turn on.
  3. Get to know his penis: Because it’s more than a bit of meat, you know. Yes, there’s loads of nerve endings around the tip, but quite a few elsewhere. We’d like those stimulated too, please. And please don’t forget the balls — gently rubbing them or cupping them in your hand and feeling the weight of them increases the sensations tenfold.
  4. Take Charge: When things are heating up, it’s time to let him know who is in charge. You want him to know that his pleasure is in your hands. So…begin the blowjob with authority show him who is in charge! Position him where you want and make sure you find a comfortable way to sit. Acting with initiative demonstrates that you’re pleasuring him because you enjoy doing it.
    Is no need to be all shy and quiet, tell him bluntly that you need his cock in your mouth, and watch him squirm. The thrill of this is that you have full control over his orgasm.
    Remember: While he may try to control it, ultimately it’s you that decides when he gets to come! His only option for real is to sit back and enjoy to the max and wait for it to happen.
  5. Tease Him: There is no need to take all of him immediately. Start things off slow, tease a bit and let the tension build. As you work your way down his body, kissing his neck and slowly removing his clothes, pay attention to his body language…His body will begin to send you all kind of signals… As you get closer to the mark, you’ll start to feel him tense up or squirm around a bit. You want him to practically beg for it. Once you get his pants off, start by kissing his shaft and balls. Move slowly towards the tip of his penis and give it a quick flick with your tongue. Make sure he thinks that you’re on the verge of taking him, but then back off. Keep in mind: A few minutes of teasing will drive him wild, and make the experience much more intense and enjoyable for him once you take the plunge.
  6. Give Audible Cues & Maintain Eye Contact: Honestly, you can do far more with one flash of eye contact than minutes of chicken-heady. Ignore all the rubbish you’ve heard about how we don’t like foreplay and tease the living hell out of them. Because our bits extend from our bodies several inches more than yours does, we get to see you in action much better. So make use of it. So the next time you are blowing him off, give him some in-depth looks into his eyes. Another thing men love is audible cues. As you start your journey lowering your mouth over his shaft, be sure to let out a little moan. Remember: Verbal signals tell him that you are enjoying it, and help him relax. There is no need to go over the top, but a few little audible confirmations can be very assuring and incredibly erotic.
  7. Use Your Hands: While women have most of their sexual nerve endings centered around a few different points, men have nerve endings more evenly spread face of pleasure,throughout the penis. Although the head of the penis is very sensitive, you shouldn’t focus all of your energy here! The base of the penis is another one of his sensitive areas. Grip the base of his shaft firmly with your hand and move opposite your mouth to meet in the middle. The penis is very sturdy, don’t be afraid to use pressure. To smooth out the process, use some of your spit or a flavored lube to keep his entire shaft slick. Keep in mind: This technique is especially useful for a larger penis, which you may find to be a little more than a mouthful. Regardless of his dick size, paying attention to the entire shaft is essential to maximizing the pleasure he receives.
  8. Listen to His Feedback: As you gradually increase the intensity of your blowjob, pay close attention, so you know when he is about to cum. While some men will tell you verbally, many are quite quiet. For these scenarios, you can pay attention to his breathing to find out where he is at. If he likes what you are doing to him, he’ll probably moan a bit. When his hips start to move up into you, you know he’s getting close. Pay attention: At this point, pay careful attention to his tension. Rest a hand on his thigh, when you feel the muscles start to clench up you know, he’s about to have an orgasm.
  9. Dispose of the Evidence: If you want to swallow, pull your head back a bit and aggressively suck his tip. You can use your hand to compensate for the reduced depth. This will make some space in your mouth for his seed, and prevent you from choking. If you’d prefer not to have him cum in your mouth, you can wait until he’s just on the verge and finish him off with a handjob. He should still be slick from your saliva, so this should still be very enjoyable for him. Since you’re going to be moving your hand much more quickly, don’t use as much pressure as you were before. Loosen your grip a bit and let your hand quickly slide up and down his shaft while he lets loose. Keep in mind: Once he’s shot his load, you can give him one last deep oral stroke to help him make the most of the final few moments of his orgasm.
  10. No, you don’t need to deep-throat: If your partner is super into the idea of full-penis sensation, you can deliver that easily, without deep-throating. Try to wrap your hand around the bottom of his shaft, and taking the rest of him in your mouth. Or, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your lips. Then let his member hit the underside of your tongue. No gagging necessary.

All these techniques and much more are good, but always remember, each person is different. My recommendation … about enjoying your partner is nothing written, and everything is allowed … enjoy!

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