The pleasure of the deprivation of senses

Sex can sometimes be a sensory overload. You’re feeling your partner’s skin, tasting kisses, smelling sweat and arousal, listening to the sounds of breathing and moaning, and all the while watching exactly what you’re doing.


That can sometimes cause your body to become distracted and take sensation away from the act, or sometimes it can turn your orgasm into a freight train that barrels right past your control. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with either extreme, one way to establish more control over sex is to take away one of your partner’s senses.

The fact that when humans lose one of their five senses the other four become stronger is fairly well recognized. This is because you’re dealing with all your sensory input (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) all the time and trying to make sense of all of it at once. If you cut out one sense, then that’s less information for your body to process, and you can focus more readily on one sense. For instance, do you close your eyes when you’re trying to really savor the taste of anything? Of course, you do… and this little quirk of human biology can be easily transferred behind closed doors into much more intimate settings.

In the sexual field, any feeling or perception that we have, it is given by any of our 5 senses. They play a necessary role to stimulate our body and make us feel indescribable pleasures.

As in other aspects of our daily lives, when we deprived of our basic senses, the first reaction we often have, is needed to recover it.

Same happens during sex, if we deprive of any of them, normally our degree of excitement increase significantly since we have a much stronger desire to use that sense.

sexy-bondageIn our sexual relationships, stimuli and sensations to reach the pleasure we are looking for, come through the senses: noticing the other person caressing, taste his kisses and his body, listen as he groans, is excited and whispers your things, see faces of pleasure, his body, the curiosity of the situation and be able to notice its aroma or the smell of your body.

The set of all these perceptions is what make us reach the highest degree of excitation and achieve orgasm.

What if we deprive some senses?

  • Touch: It’s not a big secret that touch is the most important sense in a sexual encounter. After all, her vagina can’t talk to you, see you, smell you, or taste you, can it? You cannot remove or diminish her sense of touch, nor should you try. Instead, you should focus on touch by depriving her other senses. You can do a lot to enhance and tease this sensibility. Use ice cubes or cold water around her stomach and navel. This is particularly effective if she has a flat abdomen. Use a feather or your fingertips to tickle the insides of her thighs. Don’t be afraid to dig your nails into her back or bite her a little harder than you normally would. Grab the back of her neck and push it up as you run your tongue from her collar bone up to just below her ear. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pain and pleasure and hot and cold. Drip some cold water onto her nipples then blow a thin stream of air onto them and bite them gently when they become hard. These are all things you can use to attack her sense of touch. Be wary, though, too much stimulation will cause her to overload and become uncomfortable. Proceed slowly and gently, and use these techniques sparingly. Remember also that these methods ought to be used in conjunction with deprivation of other senses, which is discussed below. So keep reading! Taste: It is another indispensable sense during sex. We all love a good kiss that can make us weak in the knees but tries not kissing your partner. See how aroused you can make one another without using your lips or your tongue Try it, can be very stimulating that for a little while, they prohibit you enjoy using your mouth to give pleasure. A simple scarf can be used to cover the mouth either more specialized in the subject products such as JAWS or snacks, there are very suggestive and morbid. They tend to be much used in practices of domination.
  • Sight: Sight is hardly important. You should just get rid of it for her. Blindfolding issexy bdsm usually the best option. And you should use a soft and sensual material to do it like satin or silk, something that feels good on her skin. Turn the lights off before you blindfold her so that it’s a gradual procession, and begin heightening the other senses immediately. Whisper her in the ear while you tie the blindfold and tell her that she’s about to experience the best night of her life, or whatever sexy thing you want to say to her. Sight is also a good place to start if you’re beginning to experiment with sensory deprivation.
  • Smell: We all like to notice a good perfume in the environment or in the body of our partner. But if we talk about depriving this sense, I want to focus more on the topic of breathing, since it tends to provoke a great exaltation, it is to deprive the breathing during sex. Often trigger a high degree of enjoyment of the relationship, which at a given time and so under control, tighten your neck or cover your mouth, so you cannot breathe. The feeling of suffocation, while we are about to reach orgasm, magnifies the perception of pleasure. Hence the myth of the English lord masturbating with a plastic bag over the head. It is a delicate practice, and we should not do it, if we do not have control or do not know the partner well.
  • Hearing: Of all the senses, perhaps, hearing is the one that least affects the sexual field, but deprive you of listening to the groans of the partner, can be a way. Although I think, that this sense, is more efficient using it that depriving it. Listening to a suitable background music can motivate yourself to do a striptease, also, not to hear to what your partner says, arouses more your other senses. Don’t you think?

All the senses are important in sex, because, through them, we feel many stimuli, but deprive some of them from time to time; also it is pleasant. Provided it is done with control and with the consent of all, you can do that living in a way much more intense all the sensations.

It is also a good idea, for example, the combination of depriving several senses at the same time, as for example often occurs in BDSM, tying or immobilized, muzzling, covering your eyes with any mask. There are many combinations, as I always say you have to find which you like the most.

Is it interesting? And you? Do you have any preferred deprivation of senses? Want to share it with us?


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