Squirting or ejaculation.

What is Squirting? If you were to ask most people to describe female ejaculation, they would probably describe what is most often seen in porn and adult magazines—a gush of fluid from a woman’s vulva at the point of (real or enacted) orgasm. It’s been elevated to the point of a mystical phenomenon that allegedly intensifies the experience of orgasm for women and is seen by men as not just proof of pleasure, but also as proof of orgasm. But what is really happening here?

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Between 10 and 40 percent of women squirt during sex — near or during orgasm — but the nature of these genital geysers has been an ongoing debate.

The latest research points to one conclusion: most people have been defining “female ejaculation” incorrectly. Essentially, we’ve been using the phrase as an umbrella term to describe two completely different processes that can occur during sex.

These two processes are known as “female ejaculation” and “squirting

Squirting has become the big sexual fad over the last twenty years.

Along with the mystery and fantasy about squirting is the debate as to whether it’s thefemale-ejaculation-1 same thing as female ejaculation or whether it’s really urine. But there is significant scientific proof that the origin of the fluid is the bladder and that the chemical composition is that of urine. Basically, it’s pee. Women who experience squirting are simply learning to release one set of muscles while contracting the bladder so they can release urine during orgasm. And it isn’t even always correlated with orgasm. So why the confusion? Is there really such a thing as female ejaculation?

Female ejaculation looks a lot like male ejaculation without the sperm. True female ejaculation is a small amount of thick fluid secreted around the time of orgasm for most women. It originates in the glands found within the erectile tissue surrounding the urethra that are analogous to the prostate in men, and it even has PSA (prostate-specific antigen) in it. During the activity of sexual intercourse or stimulation, this female ejaculate can get mixed with vaginal fluids and lubrication as well as any semen or male pre-ejaculatory fluid that might be present in lovemaking. This makes it much more difficult to identify in a real-life situation.

In the lab, however, it can be tested more carefully. Urine that gushes out during squirting passes through the urethra and can pick up some fluid secreted from the periureteral glands, which is why it often is found to have PSA. But that doesn’t mean it’s not urine. It has been confirmed both by chemical analysis and by ultrasound that the fluid that comes out during squirting is urine from the bladder. Female ejaculation doesn’t have any of the urea, creatinine, or uric acid found in urine.

female orgasm

But is squirting normal?

Basically, we need much more (and much better) research to have a real scientific answer. But truly, science cannot deny or prove, the pleasure that many women say they feel at the time of squirt. Basically, if squirt provokes a pleasure for some women, it does not matter what chemical composition the squirt has. It is one more way to enjoy sexuality.

Considering that basically half of all sex-having women have experienced a squirting orgasm, there’s nothing abnormal about squirting — even if it makes an awkward wet spot someone must sleep in.

So, enjoy it!


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