Flirtatious remarks, the art of Flirting

The truth is, flirting is an art. And like any other form of art, it can be mastered. Today, compliments range from poetic phrases to the famous phrase “so much meat and I, without teeth!”

Flirting is more than just fun — it’s fundamental. Our entire survival as a species depends on human connection. If we stopped flirting, falling in love, and reproducing we’d soon disappear. But even though nature has endowed us with all the necessary parts we need to save ourselves from extinction, not everyone knows how to use them to their best advantage. This is particularly true when it comes to flirting.

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A compliment is nothing more than a quasi-poetic expression, used to highlight the beauty, the forms of the woman or the man. Although in some cases may be offensive and downright vulgar, without doubts, have Picardy and wit and a spark of poetry Ignat, but its end is flatter, conquer, offend, cause, cause pleasure or displeasure.

Flirting is an expression of the vibes, feelings and interaction between two people who are fully engaged, totally present and completely enthralled in any given moment. There are many kinds of flirting. The ‘first meet’ is where I take you into the field of flirting with a few of my own simple tips and insights that will bring out the flirt in you.
In today’s society we live in, the art of flirting, is no longer an exclusive practice of men, nowadays, and rightly, females also are specialized in this art of compliments.
And I call it art, because it is a true art and people who own this art, either naturally, or because they have specialized in the matter, have a creativity, worthy of envy. Some are very recherché, others, definitely very funny, and others, very dirty. But without a doubt, they are very clever.
It doesn’t matter in what category the flirt, fall, but everyone loves receiving compliments!

In order to bond or to express sexual interest, people flirt. According to social anthropologist Kate Fox, there are two main types of flirting: flirting for fun and flirting with intent. Flirting for fun can take place between friends, co-workers, or total strangers that wish to get to know each other. This type of flirting does not intend to lead to sexual intercourse or romantic relationship, but increases the bonds between two people.

It is also a deftly employed social tool. It marks an exploratory, transformative stage—in a first meeting or an existing relationship—when interested parties look toward a tantalizingly unknown future. We flirt to establish a connection, and to gauge the interest of others in reciprocating that connection. While not all flirting is done with the aim of establishing a romantic or sexual encounter, it does help us determine the social investment potential for romantic relationships.

By the way, while preparing this blog, I came across a study on flirting. Badoo, a global networking site, looked at 19 countries to see what percentage of contacts between the sexes are initiated by women. Here’s their final ranking:

  1. Spainhow-the-girls-flirt
  2. Poland
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Italy/Argentina (tie)
  5. Brazil
  6. Chile
  7. Portugal
  8. Canada
  9. Venezuela
  10. Netherlands
  11. Germany
  12. Colombia
  13. United Kingdom
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Mexico
  16. France
  17. Belgium
  18. United States
  19. Ecuador

But today we will focus in the “flirting for fun” part, and I will bring you some of the cleverest Flirtatious remark out there, I think they are brilliant!..

Let’s take a look

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  • I’m in my bed, you are in yours, obviously one of us is at the wrong place!
  • Nice pants! Can I test the zipper?
  • Can I take a picture? I want to send it to my friends, so that they know that the angels exist.
  • With that look so sweet, makes me want to eat your eye!
  • Blessed be the truck, which brought the cement to create the floor, where this monument is.
  • Does it hurt when you fell from heaven my angel?
  • I lost my phone number, can you give me yours?

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Well, as you can see, these compliments are very creative, for me, the creators of these flirtatious remarks, are people with a great sense of humor and great creativity, if not, do the test, try to create some compliments and you will see that it is not an easy task. But do not despair (including me) these artists are not born, they are made! You too can become one!


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