What women say about what they prefer in bed?

Over 2,000 women reveal what they like in bed. And they have great ideas.

You can have really satisfying relationships, you just have to meet some of the hidden desires of the women. What are those desires? Just keep paying attention


It is not the general trend when we have sex, but the truth is that if we were able to communicate and discuss with our partner, what we like, upset or makes mad, could tear down the wall that prevents thousands of women to fully enjoy the sex, not to mention, the elusive ‘orgasm’.

You can have really satisfying relationships, you just have to try to meet some of the hidden desires of the women. What are we talking about here? You have two options: ask or pay attention to what comes next.

A survey by Men’s Health magazine, which asked 2,500 readers about their tastes, thoughts and preferences on issues of bed, it seems that women were eager to share both their hottest and the creepiest thoughts.

The physical matter, at least this: Getting down from half a dozen selections, users had to choose which male physical aspects gave more importance when they were in bed. While 30% chose muscled arms as the most valued characteristic, 25% stated they felt a substantial attraction to men with broad shoulders and only 6% rated the six packs as the most desired trait. It is more important for a woman, the strength of arms, that what is hidden under his shirt.

What they want to hear in bed: Many women state that they felt more pressure than animation when men interrupt sex with dirty or bawdy comments. They explained that even themselves, struggle to verbalize words, whether or not they are enjoying or whether they should continue so or otherwise.

What they like to do in bed is nothing but moan with pleasure, and are not at all pleasant insults and expletives out of place. And yes, it is interesting, that at least, 20% of respondents, state that a direct message that makes them feel sexy and exciting are welcome. “You are so incredibly hot” or “this is incredible,” they were among the favorites.

¿Strawberry lips? ¿Taste of love?: Almost half of women surveyed confessed that one of the things that could further divert your attention and concentration during sex was bad breath. Especially after a night of drinking, the stench left in the mouth of his bedfellows, often, is too uncomfortable, to enable them to be carried away by pleasure. The best thing is to follow this strategy Dr. Jennifer Jablow: “Staying hydrated and use a mouthwash with zinc or chewing gum containing xylitol that, to increase the production of saliva in the mouth.”

Preferred positions: While 29% said that the so-called ‘cowgirl’ in which the woman stands above man, thus controlling the situation, was the preferred position, more than half of the women said they felt more pleasure in sexual positions, in which they are dominant. Precisely, the traditional missionary never gets old.


Of course, it is not worth to pounce and move to your liking. Among the other recommendations heard by the participants, was that of “focus on deep penetration, providing greater contact with the clitoris”

Treasure map: areas you should visit more often: “Have them spend more time on my nipples, please! ‘Pleaded one of the participants. And it’s not a personal request, it is scientifically proven that by stimulating the nipple area, the same sensory brain region is activated, when the vagina or clitoris is excited.

In addition to focusing on the genitals -on the other hand, preferred place for four of every 10 women – most of them emphasize how much they enjoy when they kissed, caressed or when nibbling her breasts, inching toward the nipples. At this point is when women start to be more excited. “Slow down, cowboy. This is getting interesting! “

No scrubs without sweeping before: Nearly one in four women, they said that they miss that men will devote more time to oral sex. And not so much because more often they get closer to their crotch, but because often they should try to make things better. One of the most talked complaints, was to “slow down and make it more gently.”


It’s great that they discover where the clitoris is, of course, but there are many areas which can also be stimulated orally, to achieve truly amazing results, you just have to adjust the pace and pressure, and you will see incredible results. You remember, is not a radio button!

Solve it with your own hands: Although many take it personally, as if they were doing something wrong, it is perfectly normal and in fact recommended that women stimulate themselves while practicing sex. In fact, according to data from the survey, a not inconsiderable 19% said that “almost always” resolve the matter themselves; almost half they do it “sometimes” and about 10% “want to do but it contains”.

Do we need more power? What better than to introduce a new friend in bed and get some sex toy. Although only 30% of the respondents have taken or want to start doing it, the truth is that, far from being an enemy, could become the perfect ally.

So, if anyone bothered to do these interviews took, take advantage of what the women want to tell us, but often avoid it. Let us be open and understandable … women are our queens … Let’s give satisfaction as they deserve



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