Are you one of the “Magnum” men

I don’t know about you, but every day that I visit my local grocery store, or pharmacy, for some reason I found myself browsing the condom’s section.

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Don’t ask me why, but it is like toy land, with so many types, brands and shapes I take my time to read each one! (every time).

But that is not the main issue…the problem is, Specifically, the types of condoms: of the options on display, less than half were regular Trojans. The other ? All Magnums.

When it comes to condom suppliers, there is no company out there better known than Trojan. You may have noticed that their Magnum condoms, Trojan’s plus-size product, are taking over the shelves. The sales numbers support the idea: Between 2001 and 2010, Magnum sales grew by over 14%. By the start of the current decade, what would appear to be a niche product made up 18.8% of overall condom sales in the U.S. (not including Wal-Mart) — and that was before any official advertising began.

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My question is: When did the “exceptional” size become the norm? Because I’m starting to feel very uncomfortable!

Part of the answer lies in marketing. Trojan, which controls 72% of all condom sales in the U.S., has spent the last decade steadily embedding Magnums in the collective-conscience. They had serendipitous help from rappers like Remy Ma, Young Jeezy, Mack 10 and Busta Rhymes, all of whom referenced the brand by name without any prompting from Trojan (proving that a product that instantly reveals the size of your, er, package really does sell itself).

In 2010, “Live Large,” the division’s first marketing initiative, was born. With Ludacris endorsing a talent search that challenged contestants to “Live up to the Gold Standard,” invoking the Magnum name went from bragging-right to coveted product placement. Trojan’s Head of Marketing, Jim Daniels, stated that “people are proud to show they have a Magnum condom — the large size really connotes a sense of ‘above-average prowess,’ let’s call it.”

An equally large, and lesser-known, reason for the Magnum takeover is the simple fact that Magnums aren’t that much bigger than regular Trojans. Measuring in at 8.07 inches long with a width of 2.13 inches (the XL is 2.48 inches wide at the head — yes, there is an XL), Magnums have a little over a half-inch in length on their cousin, Trojan ENZ, which is 7.5” inches long and 2.0 inches wide. Sure, a half-inch may sound like a lot to a man standing next to a ruler, but in practice, it’s small. In fact, hold a Magnum up next to a regular old ENZ, and you may be, er, hard-pressed to tell the difference.


Given the heavy social pressure to be well-endowed, not to mention the status and ego-boost that come with it, what man wouldn’t want to sport a condom that announces to the world that he’s bigger than the rest? Even if the condom itself really isn’t that big?

The majority of men using condoms would agree that using regular-sized condoms is more than enough, and that choosing the magnum counterpart is just like bragging indirectly at the cashier. In fact, regular condoms are stretchable enough that it can even fit your entire arm. This stretch ability gives regular-sized condoms its snug or perfect fit that is just right for most men. And so, even if you seem to be “large” enough to warrant the use of a magnum condom, you should first try using the regular condom first because, most likely, it is just as good to go. Just shift to magnum when a regular-sized condom feels too tight as if it’s already constricting your organ.

Plenty of men I spoke to seemed to lack the belief that it was POSSIBLE for condoms to fit comfortably. Those who’d used Magnums felt the larger size at least helped with that problem — even if your length wasn’t a full 8.07 inches.

While most women didn’t report much of a difference in sensation, they all noted far less complaining from their partners once Magnums entered the picture. One woman said she was relieved once she and her boyfriend started using them, since he no longer lamented that wearing a condom left him feeling like he was “wearing a paper bag…a very tight, uncomfortable paper bag.”

So with all these alleged mega-condoms flooding the market, the question remains: should you actually try one? Going too big raises the likelihood of slippage, and there are few things more terrifying than playing a game of “where’s the rubber?” If you’re purchasing for vanity’s sake, keep these factors in mind – the thrill of the “initial reveal” (in other words, that thrill you may get when you pull out a Magnum and show it to a new partner) will wane pretty fast if it’s too big. Granted, if you do have the girth, length, or a blessed combination of both, make sure to package yourself properly – a too-small condom can result in broken latex and spillage.

Above all, keep in mind that 50% of men are between 5.1 and 6 inches long, so you’re in good company if you feel like Magnums aren’t for you. And ladies, be sure to keep your bedside table stocked with a few options. Though you may want to keep the Magnums hidden in the back of the drawer, or you could wind up facing a question like: “So, your ex…THAT big, huh?” And then you’d have to explain that no, really, he wasn’t.

The final… it has been estimated that only about 5% of the entire male population would actually need to use magnum condoms because of a size matter!

Ufff… How good I feel Now!.


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