The holidays are over, let’s get physical… with sex

Now that the holidays are almost behind us, it’s time to face the facts… our waistlines suffered from both benevolence and delicacies enjoyed during the holidays.

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You have a few more months to hide in your fat pants, but before you know it, bikini season will be here, so don’t get left behind!

My first advice to you is… DO NOT MAKE YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION “LOSE 15 LBS”, we all know that the “NYR” are a trap, we just need to give to our body a helping hand. Don’t fret, your body knows how.

We totally know how… Drink a bunch of water, Diet, yes! But in moderation, make healthy food choices, get plenty of sleep, relax, and don’t forget to exercise… with sex!

A sexual routine may be as effective as going to the gym.

Sexercises, fit with sex, couples blogsYou’re always supplementing your regular workout regime with extra yoga classes, bollybics classes or early morning/late evening jogs. This of course could become a dampener on any after hours (bedroom) activities you’d like to indulge in.

A new study reveals women would rather burn calories having sex than go to the gymnasium, and of course, men too. Not only is sex more appealing than clocking up miles on the treadmill, it has financial benefits too. It’s thought expensive gym memberships are a major reason why some women are looking for cheaper choices to cut calories

According to Kerry McCloskey, author of The Ultimate Sex Diet, 30 minutes of lovemaking burns as many as 150 to 350 calories, depending on how “active” you are. The same time spent vacuuming or wiping up the floor burns from 90 to 120 calories. And 50 minutes of kissing burns 200 calories, according to the Daily Mail noted.

So with that info on hands, let start Sexcersizing!!!

Sexercise…The art of valuing sex as an exercise.

Here is the definition by our friends from Wikipedia;

Sexercise is physical exercise performed during sexual intercourse, foreplay, or in preparation for sexual activity designed to tone, build, and strengthen muscles. Sexercises are often performed as part of a sex diet lifestyle, which seeks to maximize the health benefits of regular sexual activity. While sexercises are usually performed with a partner, solitary masturbation might be considered a sexercise if done athletically for health and fitness.

Why you lose weight?        

Image result for 2616 weight lossAccording to studies, pelvic movements, increased heart rate, dilation of blood vessels in the genitals and orgasm consume a great deal of push, similar to any other type of physical practice.

The significant caloric expenditure is caused by several factors, including the friction that exists between lovers. Friction, leads to a heat setting, which is generated due to body temperature control mechanism, which causes an acceleration of metabolism.

How often do you have to practice? Numerous studies conclude that, to notice the benefits, you have to have sex at least three times a week.

Calorie guide

“An average intercourse (twenty minutes) consumed between 150 and 200 calories, the equivalent of walking or climbing stairs. If tantric techniques are used to lengthen the joy over an hour, consumption of calories can reach 600 calories “, here are some interesting facts.

– Kissing burn 120-135 calories per hour (2-5 calories per minute), whichsex workout means that if you kiss for 20 minutes every day in a year will have burned 36,500 calories and have lost 5 kilos.

– Foreplay helps you spend 25 calories. Therefore, the more you prolong greater caloric expenditure.

– In each orgasm, we burned between 60 and 100 calories.

The calories consumed, will depend on the positions, movement and intensity. This is linked to the physical fitness of the individual. Those who exercise regularly tend to have better sex because of superior performance and higher self-esteem.

Tips to increase the intensity of sexercise.

  • Review Kamasutra positions. Weight loss depends largely on the position adopted during intercourse.
  • Perform exercises for cardiovascular endurance (or aerobic) as bike, treadmill, elliptical and dance classes, among others. A recent Harvard study showed that 30 minutes of aerobic exercise reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction by 50%.!
  • Training for muscle tone and strength. It will help to maintain the pleasurable positions.
  • Have a good flexibility is also essential. For that, practice exercises like yoga, Pilates and stretching.

Sexercise to Rock in Bed


BODY BUILDER: The body builder is very aptly named, as it will build and tone your upper body while melting away the pounds (with some serious sweat.). For this position, have your man lie down on his back while you straddle in a reverse-cowgirl position (facing away from him). Put your hands and feet flat on the ground, then use them to support your weight while you glide up and down. If you can do this for more than 7 minutes you win a medal.

THE HOOK AND THRUST: The hook and thrust position begins with the woman lying on her back with her upper body slightly elevated. The man then positions himself between the woman’s legs as she hooks her legs behind the man’s thighs or rear. As the man moves in and out, the woman grips him with her legs and helps provide some of the motion. Between the tension and the gravity, your back, glutes and thighs will get a great workout. For an added challenge, hold your shoulders off the bed (or couch, stairs, beach or wherever else you’re getting frisky).

THE THIGH MASTER: For the oh-so-tricky thigh master position, squat on top of your man with a flat and well-supported foot on each side of him. Hold yourself in the squat position and elevate yourself high enough to perform a figure 8 while he is inserted in you. This move will blast your thighs and quads, and possibly give you an out-of-this-world orgasm!

FIT DOGGY STYLE MOVE: We’ve all heard of the doggy position. But to turn it into a true sexercise, you just need to make a couple of modifications. First, switch intermittently between resting your upper body weight on your hands and elbows. Second, tighten up your abs and back muscles (try elongating your spine as it will naturally activate your abs and back muscles). Third, rotate between arching and reverse-arching your back. If you’re in insanely good shape – or are wearing a Wonder Woman costume – try doing the doggy position while supporting your lower body on your feet and toes instead of your knees (think: downward dog position).

THE HUMPTY HUMP: The humpty hump is a super fun position that looks easy but proves to be a real workout. In this position, the man sits up straight (with legs straight out, bent at the knee or sitting cross legged) while the woman sits on top, facing him, with her legs wrapped lightly around him, hovering in the air in a controlled air straddle. She then holds onto him around his neck while he maneuvers her with his arms. The woman gets a solid workout if she can manage to keep her back straight (which activates the abs) while the man gets to weight lift in a new and exciting way.

In short … Want to keep weight or lose weight? Sexercises is the easiest and most enjoyable.

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