G Spot: how to increase the size and recover the sensitivity.

Nearly 60 years of his “discovery”, the G-spot is still debate on whether there is or not. The truth is that it exists and medicine found a way to boost their function, through the application of hyaluronic acid.

The G-spot or Grafenberg point is an anatomic site in the anterior wall of the vagina (approximately to about 3-5 cm from the female urethra), named in honor of Doctor Ernst Gräfenberg, a German doctor, who reported its existence for the first time in the 1950s in an article in the International Journal of Sexology.

Dr. Gräfenberg described the G-spot as a highly erogenous zone within the bottom third of the vagina along the urethra (the front face of the vagina), right where the neck of the bladder originates. To the touch, this area about the size of a 25 cent coin, is feeling somewhat rougher. When it is stimulated directly, it increases in size. A healthy clitoris and G-spot will become engorged with blood when stimulated, enhancing sexual pleasure and orgasm. Exploring the various methods of treating sensitivity issues can lead to finding a satisfactory solution to diminished pleasure. In this way, this “erectile” tissue becomes traceable to the touch, in similarity to the corpora cavernous of the penis in the male.

The rugged area described by Dr. Grafenberg is not so easily palpable in all women, but most do have greater sensitivity in the anterior wall of the vagina.


With the passing of time and the natural childbirth, the G-spot, it loses its erogenous function. The G-spot is changing over the years and many women are noticing a loss of sensitivity. The vaginal mucosa atrophy occurs during peri-menopause, and characteristic of the area roughness, is lost which makes more difficult to identify the area. In these cases, there are treatments that help to counteract this loss of sensation.

Recent reports claim trend of increase in “G-spot enhancement” procedures that enhance a woman’s G-spot size and thus sensitivity for enhanced sexual pleasure and multiple orgasms. “G-spot amplification” or the “G-shot” is the latest manifestation of “designer vagina” treatments. It involves injecting hyaluronic acid, the chemical used externally as a facial filler in cosmetic surgery, into the vaginal “G-spot” region to enhance the ability of the “spot” to respond to erotic stimulation.

But what is G spot enhancement?

Amplification or enhancement, is a revolutionary scientific breakthroughg-spot injection that enhances and enlarges the G-Spot. This is a safe, drug free, fast, painless and effective procedure which takes less than 30 minutes in the doctor’s office. G spot enhancement creates more fullness to the G spot so you can have a more intense and deeper orgasm. It also allows achieving an orgasm with less difficulty. G spot enhancement is also referred to as the G shot, G spot amplification, or G spot augmentation. Women find that after G spot enhancement, they are much more aware of their G spot. For women who are already tuned to their G spot, they notice that it is more sensitive, fulfilling, and orgasms occur easier, more frequently, with less frustration, and are more intense.

Some women are not aware of their G spot, or think they do not have one. These women find that with G spot amplification, they are able to achieve deep vaginal orgasms, and become aware of the elusive G spot! G spot enhancement is a safe, quick, and an effective way to have more sexual satisfaction.


And the question is…. What are the G spot enhancement benefits?

The most obvious benefit is having the G-spot enlarged to a size that should be impossible to miss during sex. Many women report that orgasms reached in conjunction with the G-Shot are far superior to “regular” orgasms, particularly where the intensity and length of duration are concerned. The G-Shot is also said to increase libido in some women, causing them to experience an almost permanent state of increased sensitivity and, possibly, arousal itself. Some even feel the G-Shot has completely revolutionized their formerly frustrating sex lives — for four months, anyway, which is how long the effects are expected to last.

Just imagine being able to enhance the quality of your orgasms simply by having a quick and nearly painless injection in a doctor’s office!
So what do you think? Will you do it?

Let US Know.

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Cap d’Agde 2016 Take over

July 21-26, 2016


The Cap d’Agde, the World’s greatest Adult Playground, offers long, fine sandy beaches and a preserved environment…the Cap d’Agde naturist villages lets you fully enjoy it…in complete harmony with nature!

Cap d’Agde is the world’s only naturist town. It is a self-contained town and is so much more than just a naturist beach or a nudist resort. You can stay nude from the day you arrive until the day you leave if you wish.


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