Sexual positions, What they say about you?


Sex is personal and it says something about who you are and what you are about. A look at the choice of maneuvers between the sheets is a great telltale sign about personality traits, preferences and quirks in an individual. Here is what your favorite position says about you:

Do you tend to play it safe between the sheets? Or are you more of the “get wild, take the reins” type of gal? Sex experts analyze what your favorite sex position says more or less who you are, both in bed and out.

  • Missionary Women

The woman who likes this position prefers to keep it simple. She’s not all that into experimentation and is typically not wild and crazy in the bedroom, She desires eye contact and wants to feel a connection to her partner. This is also the preferred position for busy, on-the-go women who are tired.

Missionary is the most common used position by long-term couples. Some people see this as boring, but it is really about emotional intimacy. The missionary position says you have a sensual bond with your partner and think of their pleasure before your own.

  • Missionary man

Don’t dismiss him as jaded or boring. There is a lot to be said about stability, tenderness and someone who likes to color within the lines. The body language is devoted towards you and it’s all about looking at you. He maintains eye contact while sharing one of the most intimate experiences one can have. It’s a sign of loyalty and dependability. It could also be a sign of borderline performance anxiety where he wants to constantly be reassured that he’s doing okay by reading your expressions and moves. There is no harm in shaking things up once in a while, so make sure you encourage him to do so. It says that he is probably someone who likes to play by the rules and stay safe. He doesn’t like to take risks and this could be due to a strong fear of failure as he doesn’t want to disappoint you in bed with another riskier position.

  • Girl on top

Girl on top is the perfect position for someone who likes to be in charge. You like to have control over the action. Girl on top lets you decide the pace and the depth to make sure things hit just the right spot. You’re a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and you usually get your way, says Stacy. You’re extremely confident and comfortable with your body. You know exactly what you want in life and go for it — a new pair of heels, that dream job, your orgasms.

  • Girl on Top (Man)

In this position, control is given mostly to the woman. The man can simply lie back and relax while the woman does all the heavy work.

If your man is fond of this position, it could imply several things.

Firstly, your man could be the submissive partner in the relationship and prefers to let the missus take control. Secondly, he could be the lazy type who wants to get his rewards without putting in any effort. Thirdly, your husband could be selfish in his sexual desires as he only wants his desires to be satisfied, but doesn’t put in any effort to satisfy yours.

Or maybe, your man is just not in a very good physical shape which explains his inclination towards this position as any other position would require too much effort on his part and he is afraid he might not be able to deliver.

  • Spooning Woman

This is the favored position of a true romantic. The lady has complete trust in her lover and is willing to surrender her heart to him. It’s a relaxed position that lets you go for a long, long time. You like it slow, sensual and romantic, at least until things get going. After that, it’s anyone’s guess! You flourish when you feel secure

  • Spooning Men

In this position, the couple is lying side by side and the man enters from behind. The action is usually a lot slower, but more sensual compared to other positions.

If he loves to spoon, then your man is probably a romantic lover at heart. He loves affection and making you feel loved and special is probably his favorite past time.

He is probably planning an awesome surprise for you and there will no doubt be lots of candles and flowers involved. He is confident of his own masculinity and does not feel a need to unleash his inner beast in the bedroom. While it takes a confident man to spoon and caress a woman he loves, it is also an indicator for a possessive personality. In this dominant position, his entire body envelopes you and he is literally all over your body. He likes to claim territory and mark flags all over it. If, on the other hand, he likes to be spooned instead (you’ll be surprised at the number of men who like it after the act), it indicates a needy personality that wants to be taken care of.

  • Doggy style

Besides the name, there’s definitely something animalistic about this position. Whether you’re pushing into him or he’s grabbing you and pulling you back, this is the position for someone who likes to get wild. You enjoy being submissive and allow your guy to ravish you with passion, you’re a bit of a naughty girl that enjoys kinky sex, which is awesome! As much fun as this is for the man, it sends out a fairly strong message to his partner. While she may not particularly dislike it, busting this move over and over will eventually distance you from her. The position hands over controls entirely to the man, leaving the woman literally at his mercy.

A kinky move for couples, no doubt, this says something different about the guy and the girl involved. For the guy, this is probably the most dominant type of sex you can take part in. They like to take on the aggressive role while the girl takes on the submissive. The girl can take control back in this situation with a pull handle and a look back at it. This tends to be both men and women’s favorite position. The headboard knocking is the room saying job well done.

  • Reverse cowgirl

Love reverse cowgirl? Then you’re most likely a vixen in the bedroom. You’re wild, sexually open and not afraid to take charge in the bedroom. You don’t mind being responsible for your own orgasm while giving your man pleasure at the same time. This is also a great position for a woman who likes to show off. The guy gets a great view of your butt (let’s hear it for all those leg lifts!), and you can both watch yourselves in a well-placed mirror. Whatever your thrill, if you like to put on a show, reverse cowgirl is for you. You’re free–spirited.

  • Standing Up

For you, life is simply a series of competitions to see who will tire first. And it sure as hell will never be you. Sex is no exception. It can be tough to find a partner who can keep up with you, in the bedroom and in life, considering your idea of a romantic date is a 12-mile run followed by a high-protein smoothie. You consider Lulu Lemon to be business casual, and no one’s had the guts to tell you otherwise. Once you find someone who appreciates your strength and stamina, there will be no stopping the two of you. Just because you’re efficient doesn’t mean you’re boring.

Are we correct?, let us know if your favorite sexual position, resembles your personality. We will love to hear it.

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