Sip and Spill with Elle..Gweneth

Director of Events, Amanda Leigh (aka Elle Elle Vee) speaks with Professional Dominatrix and in-house Dungeon Mistress, Gweneth Lee

Elle: How long have you been in your current profession?
Gwen: Organizing Lifestyle Events for 4 years, Professional dominatrix for 8 years

Elle: How did you like working with us?
Gwen: Great experience everyone was open, friendly and fun.

Elle: What drew you to the lifestyle vacations, whats the difference in crowds?
Gwen: LLV Club was my first lifestyle vacation. It was truly more fun than a vanilla holiday. Everyone was friendly. There was always something to do. It was easy to talk to people and a single female who was traveling alone.

Elle: Are you part of the lifestyle yourself or is this just business?
Gwen: I’ve been in the lifestyle for years.

Elle: Whats your favourite part of being a dominatrix?
Gwen: The sensuality is my favorite part. I enjoy blindfolding people and watching them create their own fantasy inside their mind. The human mind is a powerful tool.

Elle: What is the first trip and fondest memory of LLV?
Gwen: Beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Goodness, the hotel was beautiful. Listening to waves crash as I slept was dreamy. The awesome DJ’s and violinist poolside. The nightclub. It was great fun.

Elle: Whats your favourite theme night?
Gwen: The First Responsed night. I’ll never think of 911 the same again.

Elle: Have you ever had any negative outcome from working among the lifestyle or in your field?
Gwen: Naively people make assumptions about single women in the lifestyle. I don’t extend much energy to negative people. There are too many positive people for me to focus on.

Elle: What advice would you give to a talent wanting to perform for us?
Gwen: Get ready to be welcomed by some of the kindest people in the industry. LLV Club is like a caring and supportive family.

Elle: Where can clients find you outside of our vacations?
Gwen: On Social Media, I’m Gweneth Lee on Facebook and Instagram or my websites: or

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