Why men find ‘Hotwife’ Fantasy so sexy

 Do you think that a cuckold fantasy can help spice things up in your marriage?

Every sexual relationship is different. However, some sexual fetishes are very different, and this is one of them. It turns out relationships that experiment with cuckolding are very much on the rise, and psychologists can’t quite figure out why. Theories abound everywhere, but the men and women taking part in the world of cuckolding don’t really care why they like it, they just do. On top of that, more and more people are discovering cuckold,sexy swingers, cuckold fantasy,llvcuckolding as something they like, if Google searches for the fetish are any indication. Online communities about the fetish are popping up all the time, and existing ones are growing exponentially. If this is a fetish you find yourself drawn to, you’re definitely not alone.

Real people do this all the time, and many of them have shared their stories online. Here’s everything you’d ever want to know about cuckolding, from the perspective of those who take part in it.

“Cuckolding” or “cucking” is when a man and his partner derive sexual pleasure from the woman having sex with men who are not her partner.

For those who don’t know what cuckolding is, it’s the sexual fetish where men allow other men to have sex with their wives or girlfriends. They don’t get jealous, watching or even just knowing about it turns them on. Sometimes they do get jealous, but the jealousy in itself is arousing.

Cuckolding is something you tend to hear from the “ye olde English” works of Shakespeare and Chaucer, but what does it really mean? To be precise, it is the infidelity of a man’s wife. In the old days, calling a man a cuckold would lead to fights—a stab here and there, and duels resulting in a few deaths. But not today!

How would you feel if a friend of yours went to your house and approached your wife, who happens to be lying on the couch wearing her skimpiest shorts without panties? Your friend is more muscular than you and his big package is bulging against his pants. Your wife notices this, gets instantly aroused and asks you if you want this guy to screw her brains out. All you can do is nod silently and take a seat as you watch another man ravage your wife.

You might be surprised to know that most guys have this kind of kinky “hotwife” fantasy.cuckold2

In fact, a “cuckold fetish” is one of the most searched genres on many porn sites.

But why is that so many guys find the thought of this type of situation arousing rather than upsetting? Here are the answers.

The Motivation Behind This Fantasy

Research shows that cuckold fantasies have several motivations and factors that trigger it, such as social and cultural norms. Due to the fact that it’s considered to be a taboo, many people find themselves intrigued by the idea, wondering what it would feel like to be involved in such an experience.

Cuckolding as a fetish

Let us quickly explain the dynamics of a sexual fetish: you have something that is not really sexual in itself. It could be an inanimate object *think leather garments, stockings, shoes, etc*, a harmless or even mundane activity *like peeing, shaving, or showering*, a body part, or something degrading and painful. A person who gets sexual gratification from seeing or experiencing these things can be said to have a sexual fetish for that object or action.

Bringing cuckolding into the picture seems even stranger; if you have a cuckolding fetish, your wife is having sex with another man. It makes you wonder what kind of pleasure a man can find in something that usually inspires jealousy, heartbreak, and, in some cases, murderous rage. That’s where the weird part of the brain comes in.

What’s in it for the guy: Masochistic pleasure from the shame and degradation of seeing your wife cheat in your face.

What’s in it for the wife: Aside from getting to have sex with other men of you or your husband’s choice, you get sadistic pleasure from dominating your husband, by having sex with another man in front of him, and the exhibitionist pleasure of having sex with an audience.

For couples who choose to offer their partner to others for this most ultimate form of intimacy, there is often an enjoyment of the anticipation and planning, as well as a ceremony held for it. The process can be highly erotic and pleasurable for both the couple and the Dominant.

Cuckolding is simply “kink,” another way in the vast range of behavior that humans have discovered to become aroused sexually. Having this kind of kinky fantasy isn’t unhealthy at all, but should be treated carefully, as bringing another person into your bed could affect your sex life and marriage — either positively or negatively.

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