Like Great Morning Sex?…here are some tips

Some people say that morning sex is one of the greatest things in existence because it makes you feel closer to your partner, more real!  So, it makes all the sense in the world that one of the best ways to start off a day is with, well, with great sex.

There’s never a bad time to have sex, but science says it’s especially fun to mess around in the morning. How come? The best part of morning sex is that you are rested and morning sexrelaxed. Relaxation is the foundation of arousal and in the morning before the hustle and bustle of your day is a perfect time to get sexy with your partner.

Morning sex not only help set a very positive and happy tone for the rest of your day but also, will have you thinking about your partner throughout—so by the time you’re both home for the night, it’s likely you’ll be ready to jump each other again.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most out of your next morning sex session.

Take your time
Morning sex can be rushed. You’re not likely building it into your schedule, which means when the alarm goes off, you have a very limited amount of time to get things done before you rush out your door. A quickie is great, but even a quickie can be done without rushing. Make sure that when you have sex, you’re in the moment and it’s the only thing you’re paying attention to or thinking about.

Don’t let your breath deter you
People tend to worry about their morning breath when it comes to morning sex, but it’s an overstated worry. You know what’s worse than having sex with someone who hasImage result for bad breath love morning breath? Not having sex.

And morning sex doesn’t have to occur immediately upon waking. If you want to get a little bit into it and then go brush your teeth, go for it and get back after it.

You can also always keep some breath mints on your nightstand. For efficiency.

Make Her Feel Sexy
Now it’s time to kick it up a notch and make her feel sexy. Whisper in her ear and tell her how good she looks, or how amazing she is.

Don’t just go in for the kill; take your time. Women need a little more stimulation to really get in the mood. Spending extra effort on foreplay will make her feel desired and your lovemaking even more amazing.

Pay attention: You should try to use a soft form of dirty talk to make let her know she is desired and beautiful.

Get things going with a Z-Job
shower sexSurprise morning sex is amazing. If you wake up in the mood, one excellent way to surprise your partner is by going down on them while they’re still asleep. Can you imagine a better way to wake up in the morning? It beats the annoying, awful sound of an alarm clock, that’s for sure.

Say hello to shower foreplay.
Pressed for time? Then crank up your shower and kill two birds with one…nozzle. Sex in the shower can wake you up and be a sensual way to start your day. But first, try this: Start with lathering each other up and feeling the sensations as the water hits your body. Kiss and caress your partner and explore different forms of touch and stimulation.

Remember, shower sex doesn’t necessarily mean penetration. You can opt for hand stimulation or mutual masturbation to make things steamy while you suds up.
If you finish in the bedroom, a morning shower together is an excellent way to literally bathe in the afterglow of the sex you’ve just had. And if you’re especially short on time, you can always complete the act in the shower before you soap each other off in lieu of a post-morning-sex cuddling session.

Keep in Mind! Sex in the morning contributes to your health!

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