The magic for a simultaneous orgasm

It is not secret, that almost every couple try, at least once, to hit that magical moment when both can reach an orgasm at the same time. But the reality is that to accomplish this can be very hard, that’s why is “magical.” So today we are giving you some handy suggestions, just keep reading.

The key to simultaneous orgasms is ample clit stimulation and pacing. The vast majority of women need direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, but you can find yourself without a hand to spare or an arm long enough to reach the clit when you’re busy getting your groove on. That’s where the vibrator comes in. Using a vibrator during partner sex is a great way to provide comfortable, hassle-free clitoral stimulation, and with a little practice, you can pace yourselves to come at the same time. So which vibrators are best for which sexual positions?

Missionary Position

Missionary positionThe missionary position is a classic sexual position. It’s a face-to-face position in which the receptive partner is lying on his or her back while being penetrated by the partner lying on top. The missionary position allows plenty of opportunity for eye contact and kissing, and the receptive partner can completely relax and enjoy the sensations while lying on his/her back. The receptive partner can also control the angle of penetration by adjusting leg position.

Despite its popularity, the missionary position can be one of the trickiest for incorporating vibrators. Vibrating cock rings like the Vibrating Leather Cock Ring or Sonic Ring Kit are popular, as they slip over a penis or dildo and can be positioned for clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Just keep your bodies close together and try longer, slower thrusts, so the vibrator has plenty of opportunities to tickle her clit.

The Orchid G, although it is designed for penetrative G-spot stimulation, combines a long slim handle with a convenient curve that can make for ergonomically-pleasing clitoral stimulation in the missionary position.

Woman on Top Position

This sexual position is known variously as Woman on Top, Reverse Missionary orclassic-cowgirl-sex-position-31a5yrzwfgqpyl6kt16k1s Cowgirl, regardless of the gender of the people involved. The penetrative partner lies on his or her back while the receptive partner kneels, sits, or lies down on top of them. In a popular variation – Reverse Cowgirl – the receptive partner faces away from the penetrative partner. People love this position because the receptive partner can take control and determine the depth, angle, and speed of thrusting.

Almost any vibrator can be used in this position for clitoral stimulation. The Dynamic Duo is a double bullet vibrator which provides lots of intriguing possibilities. Use one bullet for clitoral stimulation while the other is free to roam— from nipples to dick, to the neck, to almost any erogenous zone you can think of! Be even more naughty with the Bnaughty, a bullet vibe with a controller, which is perfect for letting the partner on the bottom have his/her way with the vibe and pulsation controls.

Because your hands are free to hold the toy, the woman-on-top position allows for easy use of electric vibrators like the Jasmine or Liv. These high-quality, strong vibrators get great recommendations from our customers because they provide powerful vibrations that can be felt by both partners.

Doggy Style (Rear Entry) Position

Doggy style is another favorite sex position. A person who is on all fours is penetratedhitachi sex toy, sex toys, couples sex toys from the rear, either vaginally or anally. Doggy style can be an effective position for G-spot stimulation in women. It also allows for deeper penetration and a great view for penetrative partners.

The doggy style lends itself well to a fingertip vibes, as the penetrative partner can wrap his or her hand around the receptive partner’s waist and hold the Fantasy Fingers or rub against the clit.

The receptive partner can also lie on top of larger vibes like the Hitachi or the Acuvibe while the penetrative partner enters from the rear.

If you want to experiment with double penetration (simultaneous vaginal and anal sex), doggy style is a great position. Just invite your Elastomer Rabbit Habit or Iris to the party!

Spooning Position

The spooning position is also known as the side-by-side. Both partners lie on their sides while facing the same direction with the penetrative partner behind the receptive partner. Spooning is a relaxing, comfortable position because neither partner has to support their body weight

As with rear entry, it is easy for the penetrative partner to reach around to provide clitoral stimulation to a receptive partner. Adding a fingertip vibe like Finger Fun or Fukuoku just adds to the buzz!

For folks who like a variation in clitoral stimulation, SaSi is a technological wonder and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Being on top allows you to control penetration and take advantage of larger, more powerful vibrators. You can also program the SaSi with your favorite patterns of clitoral stimulation for a completely customized ride.

Sitting Position

Sitting is a great position for taking your show on the road—or at least out of the bedroom. It can also be a great position for folks with limited mobility. In the sitting position, the penetrating partner sits in a chair, on the floor, or on a bed. The receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner and sits, squats, or kneels.

Sitting position offers easier access to the clit, especially when you nestle a smaller vibrator like the Lucky 7 or a Pocket Rocket against the clit.

Sitting positions can be a great opportunity for trying out a strap-on vibrator. Try giving the Remote Butterfly’s controller to a partner to let them control the vibration.

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The sexiest party of the year will take place on board the $40-million-dollar mega yacht SEAFAIR in the Biscayne Bay facing Bayfront Park. This is where all of the NYE festivities take place, including a huge concert (Pitbull performed the last 3 NYE’s), a spectacular fireworks display and the famous Miami Orange drop from the Intercontinental Hotel directly at midnight.

One huge benefit to Miami’s NYE celebration is that you can bet that the weather outside will be as warm as the party inside. Plus, leading up to your New Year’s party, or the next day after, you can relax at one of Miami’s hot beaches and super-hot nightlife spots, making a whole little vacation out of it. Plus, secure your spot as soon as possible means that you won’t miss out on the shindig that interests you the most.

Our Miami NYE Party will be among the most sought after for those who want to really let loose in style.

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