Tantric Massage…The Experience that will change your life.

If you have never tried a Tantric massage, then the experience will impress you deeply, it will not resemble anything you have tried before. In Tantra, your body is seen as a temple of your soul, and so it is getting treated correspondingly.

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Unlike the therapeutic and sensual massage practice of the Western world based mostly on anatomy and physiology, the Tantric massage is rather a spiritual practice that affects your psychic energy centers – chakras and allows the energy to freely flow through your body connecting your physical frame and your inner self. Thus you achieve the harmony between your body and soul, and even the whole universe. It makes you open to new pleasant sensations, far more intense and prolonged than you have ever experienced.

The Tantric massage normally will last longer than your usual massage session and combines the mix of chakra energy work with a full-body and a lingam or yoni massage. The rush is out of the room; the pleasure is in…There is no point in rushing anywhere, as you may know already your concentrations are the most important part of the experience. You have to concentrate on every single step of this almost sacred Tantric ritual and stop thinking about the finale. A Tantric massage session may or may not include a sensual bath or a shower during the usage of fragrances. Candles play an important part of your complete experience since it will help you to relax, clear your mind of all thoughts like during meditation and concentrate on your sensations.

The most important thing is to create that unique connection between you and your llvmasseuse or a masseur, so you will learn more about the breathing pattern adjustment techniques, the importance of the eye contact and some other specific Tantric rituals, that are designed not only to relax or excite you, but also to make you feel like a newly-born. You Will undergo a total transformation.

Tantra practitioners see the lingam and yoni massage as not mere stimulation of the most powerful erogenous zones, but as awakening and honoring of the sacred male and female creative energies. When one’s sexual energy is raised high, then it can be spread throughout the whole body and even used for healing and renew, it can remove all the traumatic emotional blocks, and in the end you feel a new and better self, more content, tranquil and surprisingly refreshed and full of energy instead of utterly exhausted and spent. With the Tantric massage techniques, you will be able not only to experience the higher level of pleasure, but you will also achieve the harmony between your body, soul, and mind. Here, at Hegre-Art, the experienced therapists will open for you all the pleasures of both the yoni and lingam massage and who knows, you may feel like trying it yourself or even become a Tantric artist one day.


Don’t matter if you are a man or a woman; A tantric massage will totally fascinate you either with the female/female Tantric ritual that includes different Tantric techniques of worshipping and pleasuring the woman and her ‘sacred space’ – her yoni or the “regular” Tantric massage.

No doubt that tantric massage, like any other forms of massage, can be very relaxing and stimulating. But tantra massage can also alleviate physical pain and emotional fear and guilt. Many studies over the years have concluded that tantric massages help very positively in the recovery of self-esteem within sex, and provides an incredible sense of security…Also, Tantric massage is greatly enhanced by the utilization of tantra breathing techniques throughout the massage. These breathing techniques, called pranayamas, allow the recipient to actively move energy from one part of the body to other areas of the body, a feat that enhances the experience and helps the recipient exercise self-discipline and self-control during unanticipated arousal.

My personal recommendation…you must try it! It will be an experience that you won’t forget.

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