The Naughty idea of having sex with someone new every night

Will you be capable of turning over the awkward moment? To be free and exposed to new things? I am sure that the answer is yes…

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Long-term sex can be satisfying, but adding an ingredient of role playing sex in your bedroom can be electrifying, uplifting and satisfying.

And yes, we are talking about ROLEPLAY. Being in a healthy long-term relationship is wonderful, but it’s easy to get stuck in a routine in the bedroom sometimes… even for lifestyles! You can explore new fetishes, fantasies, try out different positions and figure out what you’re both interested in without going too far outside your comfort zone. The one drawback to sleeping with the same person over and over and over again is that it’s easy to get stuck in a routine.

And we both know that the naughty idea of having sex with someone “different” every night has been making room on your head…

So let’s explore some roleplay for you to try tonight!

But before a few good tips:

  • Timing: Raise the idea in context. Play off a movie you’ve watched—say, The Graduate. Wonder aloud what it would be like to sleep with Mrs. Robinson. The best thing is if you get her to see the scenario as her idea. Lift a line: “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me!” See what happens.
  • Flattery: Start with “something positive and complimentary, like ‘I think you’re really sexy and hot”. Then say, maybe, ‘I’ve been having this fantasy lately. How would you feel about trying it? Never mention boredom!
  • Pacing: Don’t be in a hurry. Start off slowly, giving each person permission to laugh. Pretend. You may not be dressing up like a doctor, but you can talk like a doctor and go in and out of the role. Be spontaneous. Explore. Remember, there’s no right way to do it. Have fun and a sense of humor.

The Stripper: Are you ready to give your man a lap dance? Lay on your skimpiest lingeriedancer and dance around for him. If you have some sort of pole-like structure, you can even pole dance for him. Just make sure he has a few dollar bills to stick in your underwear before you begin–you don’t work for free! Why’s it so powerful? It’s exhibitionism and voyeurism in one. It’s perfectly natural and healthy. Everyone likes looking at their partner’s body or feeling looked at and desired. The sense of vision is one of the senses that matter the most when it comes to desire and pleasure, particularly for humans!

The Stranger: The Favorite Role-Play Scenario for Couples Is Being Strangers. Sometimes, the idea of having sex with someone you don’t know is really appealing… but you don’t really want to do that. Instead, let your lover be the pizza guy – or the plumber or the cable guy, or the internet expert if you’re into guys or girls who know their way around some html. This classic role-playing idea lends itself well to many roles. Just make sure you have a good script going, because often, the things you say beforehand really heat up the things that happen after. Why’s it hot? The surprise, unexpected encounter. It’s an “I like you, you like me, let’s get on with it” sort of place. Often, this experience turns out to be much more exciting in role playing situations than in real life!

sexy roleplayThe call girl and the client: You’re so sexy and such an expert in what you do that your man is willing to pay a lot to screw you! For you, anything is permitted: provocative clothing, daring techniques, dirty talk… but no kissing. Why not arrange to find him, alone, sat at the bar of a classy hotel? Act out the scenario, then return home to seal the deal! Why’s it so hot in here? You’re the call girl who knows how to please, seduce, keep a man begging… and make him pay up! Not being able to kiss you will drive your lover mad with desire.

The A+ Student and the teacher: I was not surprised while doing research for this article, I actually found that a lot of ladies (and this was where my focus went – sorry, guys!) like the idea of the student/teacher or student/principal scenario. If you like the idea of being innocent, of not knowing anything but still being able to play out your fantasies, this may be the right role for you – especially if your lover likes to take on the role of power and knowledge. Do you remember that teacher from…?

The Naughty Nurse or Doctor: This role-playing idea probably seems cliché as well, simply think of this – clichés work. When role playing as a nurse or playing doctor, the key is that, again, you get to do a lot of touching. It can begin innocently and professionally, and then, very subtly, it can get more and more intimate. That’s truly the key to a great role playing session.

I don’t want to make a huge list of roleplay ideas… as a matter of fact, you guys probably have a much bigger list in your buckets…

Only remember… Role Playing Ideas can spice up any relationship, as long as you’re both willing and ready.

Have fun!…


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