Curiosities of the Semen

We have already talked many times, about some semen characteristics: the ability to modify the genes of women (immune system, libido, fertility, food, sleep…), to provoke ovulation, its wonderful culinary and pictorial properties, the difference between Orgasm and ejaculation, the speed you can reach… But these are not, but the tip of the iceberg (double meanings aside) of all its curious features.

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But, what is semen? Well, for those few who do not know yet…

Semen is the set of sperm and fluid substances that are produced in the male sexual apparatus of all animals. It is a viscous, whitish liquid that is expelled through the urethra during ejaculation.

It consists of sperm from the testicles and seminal plasma that comes from these, the epididymis, the seminal vesicles (contributes between 46% and 80% of the semen volume), the prostate (it contributes between 15% and 30%), Cowper glands, Littre glands and vas deferens.

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A man ejaculates about 54 liters of semen. No man, no, throughout his life, not every time… The average volume of an ejaculation will depend on the previous sexual abstinence and the level of excitement, ranging from 2 to 4 milliliters, with a maximum of 5 Ml after a period of abstinence of 3 to 7 days. And if it takes months without catching a bunch or crushing it? Well, night-time pollution and business.

Contents of the semen in an ejaculation

Each ejaculate, contains between 200 and 400 million sperm. Tight, huh? Well, no. There is room for all because less than 10% of the ejaculate semen volume corresponds to the spermatozoa. More than 90% of the remaining volume consists of a large number of substances that come mainly from the seminal vesicles and prostate: Prostaglandins (E2, A, B, amino acids, phosphorus, potassium, hormones, citric acid, cholesterol, phospholipids, carnitine, Alkaline phosphatase, calcium, sodium, zinc, spermine phosphate, fructose, enzymes for the separation of proteins (mainly fibrolysin, an enzyme that reduces blood and tissue fibers, and fibrinogenase) and a known thick, clear and lubricating protein Like mucus.

Safe and efficient vehicle

The dense secretion produced by the seminal vesicles is rich in fructose, the main sugar insemen3 semen. This sugar provides carbohydrates to mobile sperm that use them as a source of energy to travel at a dizzying speed above 25 microns / second (or between 4 and 24 if they are type B). These brave ones will confront a vagina with an acid pH, but will not stay stiff, the pH of the semen favors them and the remains of its components as well. That is why they can survive for several days and even months after intercourse.

What’s more, semen is so resistant that it can be stored in a frozen state with liquid nitrogen for months or years. Nothing happens, even if it is cold that the brave warriors maintain their ability to fertilize; A warm blanket and a hot dish and come, we go with in-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

As you can see, the semen is full of surprises super interesting… Take it more seriously! LOL


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