DIY: How to throw a great Swingers Halloween Party.

Let’s not complicate life, a party is a party, no matter if it’s a Birthday Party or a swinger party. The goal is always the same, celebrate, have fun, and make it unforgettable. Of course, keeping the parameters and the differences between a birthday and a swinging party! But overall, it’s not a matter of getting stressed, but to have fun with the party goers and enjoy your hard work. In other words, a swingers party needs to be planned and organized in advance just like any normal event that you would hold in your home.

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The key to a successful swinger’s party is to loosen up and have fun. Group sex isn’t something that needs to be hidden in the shadows, it’s an act between consenting adults. Swinger parties are gatherings of like-minded individuals who know that mixing things up now and then can make for an exciting and invigorating sex life. The host or hostess of the party are being brave and bold, inviting people into their space, but above all they want attendees to feel free to express their desires and fantasies.

Halloween has traditionally been a holiday ruled by hyperactive kids in scary costumes. But why should children have all the fun? Here’s our advices to throwing a great swinger party this Halloween!

Choose your theme

Halloween is the perfect time of year for adults to indulge their inner child and wilderness. Your party theme can be as fun, funky or silly as your imagination will allow. So whether you fancy recreating heaven and hell in your living room, filling your home with pirates or throwing a murder mystery party, let yourself rejoice in the youthful fun and excitement.

Picking a theme is the best way to make sure that everyone shows up in a costume. You’ve done half the thinking for all those lazy friends who would probably arrive wearing hockey jerseys and saying they’re dressed up. You can go the Halloween-y route and choose a monster theme or you can get creative and instruct your friends to do their best Mr. T impersonations in your ‘80s-themed bash.

Decorate according to your theme

If you’re going with the traditional spooky theme for this year’s festivities, make sure to dim the lighting, use props like fog machines and strobe lights, and add things like spider webs and skeletons throughout the party space to enhance the scariness of the atmosphere. Also, place some Ouija boards and tarot cards in various places so your guests can entertain themselves with fun, Halloween-inspired games.

Guest List

The most challenging issues are creating a guest list, because takes more consideration than you might think.  You can certainly just invite all the people you like and envision how they mix, simply you may want to consider limiting your guest list to people you reckon will get along comfortably. The success of a swinger’s party depends largely on gathering a good group of people together. A first time swinger’s party host or hostess can play it safe and invite only people they’ve met previously. This is a good way to get accustomed to the vibe and flow of the gathering and learn what works and what doesn’t. Even with people they know, the host should screen attendees thoroughly to ensure that they’re clean and won’t cause unnecessary worry.

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There should be set rules at any swinger’s party about what is acceptable. It should be understood that it’s always okay for someone to say “no” to an invitation to do something if it makes them uncomfortable. Everyone at the party should feel like they’re in a safe space and that they won’t be judged negatively by their actions. With the right casual, relaxed and open atmosphere, there won’t be fear that certain acts are required or forced upon anyone.

Once the invitations to the swinger’s party have been sent and the hostess know she has a good group coming, it’s time for her to set the mood. Having sex is one of the most pleasurable forms of exercise and like all exercise it leaves men and women sweaty, tired and hungry. It’s a good idea to have clean towels, soap and somewhere to bathe available. If the venue for the party has a Jacuzzi or pool on the premises, this not only increases the amount of fun possible but also invigorates the body. An outside shower near the pool or Jacuzzi encourages cleanliness and invites singers to get play while washing.

At some point, people at the swinger’s party might need a break from the action. There can be designated areas where they can go to rest between pleasure sessions at the party without worrying that they’ll be propositioned again until they’re ready. These safe spaces are where a person can regroup and breathe and start to think about what fantasy they want to fulfill next.

For food at the swinger’s party, the hostess can put out a selection of finger foods that can be eaten quickly. To keep the energy of the attendees up, offering protein rich options can ensure that no one becomes excessively exhausted. As a means to increase the delectable eroticism of the party, having aphrodisiacs like strawberries and chocolate on hand is a fun thought. The chocolate can be eaten from the table or of a person, it all depends on an individual’s sensual preference. Some guests might still enjoy eating each other to increase the intimacy of the experience.

As for drinks, some hosts will provide an open bar, others ask their guests to BYOB.  It’s also a common practice for the host to provide one specific drink: wine, shots, or a specialty mixed drink, advising guests to bring anything else they might want.  Either option is perfectly acceptable, just make sure you clarify with your guests.  Nothing worse than arriving to a party and not realizing that you were supposed to BYOB.

Treating a swinger’s party as essentially any other social gathering creates a welcome atmosphere free of
pressure and trouble. A host or hostess should take the time to talk to the attendees before the party so that everyone understands what will be going on and any misconceptions can be put to rest. There might be some who are shy or uncomfortable with the idea of a swinger party, but in the right setting, their inhibitions will be shed as quickly as their clothing. Attempt to anticipate any needs your guests might have and make plans to take in what they need close at hand.

My final advice as a host?


This is the most important aspect of this post, so I hope you have read this far.  Being a proper host is a requirement at any event or party.  Let’s face it, you don’t always have to provide all the amenities.  After all, most of us bring our own lube, condoms, and towels when we go out anyway.  We’ve been to many, many parties that are BYOB and no food is provided or necessary.  But every party needs a host who is friendly, outgoing, and anticipates their guest’s needs.  So, no matter how casual your party is, you must be an excellent host.  What does this mean?

  • Introduce yourself to every person as soon as they come!  Thank them for coming,
  • Let them know where the bathrooms are, where the playrooms are, and where they can stash their stuff.
  • Make sure all your guests have a drink, if they want one.  Don’t make your guests feel like they are imposing.  Let them know what’s available and either makes it for them or explain that they can help themselves.  If helping themselves, make sure they know exactly what’s available and where to find it.  If the party is BYOB, then invite your guests to stash their alcohol in the refrigerator, if desired.
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  • Mingle!  As the host, try not to focus too much on one person or couple.  Although you may want to flirt and play with a particular guest, your first job is to make everyone feel welcome and relaxed.
  • You should be available to greet new guests as they arrive.  Take time to walk around and make sure people have what they need.  You can play at your own party, but make sure your guests are taken care of first.
  • Make proper introductions.  You should make sure that every guest at your party has been introduced to everyone else at some point in the night.  Simply say something like: “Jan, do you know Mary and Bob?  Mary and Bob, this is Jan and her husband Charlie.”  Don’t assume people know each other.  Some people will make their own introductions, but it’s your job as the host to make sure that people feel welcome and comfortable.
  • If you notice a couple standing off to the side of the room, bring a couple outgoing people to them and make some introductions.  Stay and chat for a bit yourself, and then leave to mingle some more.

We hope that you will enjoy your party, and don’t be shy, send us an invitation!



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