Sip and Spill with Elle…Michele Murtaugh

Director of Events Amanda Leigh (aka Elle) sat down with the talented artist Michele Murtaugh to get the latest scoop..

Elle: You are profound in your realistic, and artistic nude paintings – what drew you to this type of art?

Michele: Thank you! Body language is all of our primary language and I want to capture every nuance in a painting in order to communicate in a primal way. We can all relate when we are stripped down.

Elle: How long have you been an Artist (or preferred term, please correct)?

Michele: Without art, I would simply fall away. I have always been an artist of some kind. I didn’t begin to paint until I was 30 years old and it came in a flash. Like I was meant for it although I couldn’t draw a stick figure. The skill didn’t come naturally, I had to really set myself down and learn. It became an obsession. Now, 19 years later, I am a full time artist doing some things that take my breath away! At times, I step back from a painting and do not know who did it. It’s an exhilarating feeling yet I am rarely satisfied. Each new canvas is an opportunity for me to learn and discover something about both the technique and about myself.

Elle: How did you find the community, and LLV?

Michele: Nine years ago, I was on a third date with my now fiance and he booked us for an LLV Event in Cabo. Heck of a third date, I know. Go big or, well, you know. For me, that’s all it took and now I have travelled, partied, and experienced a large part of the world with LLV. I have made so many incredible connections and developped friendships with phenomenal people that will last a lifetime.

Elle: Your live body paint work has become a staple, how did you create this vison?

Michele: When I get to come out and play at an LLV event, I leave detail and caution to the wind. It is a place of experimentation, spontaneity, and sensuality and so my work follows. I thrive in this playground and I love that everyone is so accepting though the work isn’t “perfect” it is an experience. I love incorporating others sliding around naked in the ooey gooey colorfulness in a sort of sexual rhythm. The viewers maybe don’t realize but they are a part of the painting as well. The energy that comes from them rouses the painters. Everyone is involved in the creation.

Elle: What is the best part of performing live? Do you prefer this over studio work?

Michele: I find the experience to be so rejuvenating and igniting that when I come back to my controlled environment, I bring all that I received from the live event and pour it into my paintings.

Elle: What makes Luxury Lifestyle Vacations different from other experiences?

Michele: Seriously, are there really any other?

Elle: You’ve been a client for years – what brings you back?

Michele: LLV is not just a travel company. It is a company that creates outstanding and incredibly memorable experiences with outstanding people all over the world. Most importantly, it is the friends I have made and the friends I will make with the flare of LLV.

Live Painting on the Alaskan Splendors 2018 Cruise with Luxury Lifestyle Vacations alongside Musicians Electrik (Carol) and WhiteSax (Ricardo Branco)

Elle: Have you ever had any negative outcome from working/attending among the lifestyle?

Michele: You get hundreds of mostly naked people together who share a lust for life and, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, negative something. Nope.

Elle: What is the first trip and fondest memory of LLV?

Michele: I don’t even know where to begin! Too many. I’m not kidding. Next time I see any of you, lets share stories over a drink!

Elle: What advice would you give to a performer wanting to work with us?

Michele: Bring your A Game, Push past limitations, Try something new, expect the unexpected and most importantly have a damn good time!

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See Michele’s work live at Sept 12th to 15th 2019 with LLV

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